Cycles Intervention: S Clusters Phonology Targets

$45.00 USD

Cycles Intervention: S Clusters Phonology Targets

$45.00 USD
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Unlock the potential of phonological therapy with the Bjorem Speech® Cycles Intervention: S Clusters Phonology Targets, meticulously designed by Amy Graham. This deck is an essential tool for speech-language pathologists aiming to enhance the speech clarity of children who exhibit moderate to severe phonological deficits, particularly in the production of S clusters.

Product Features:

  • Comprehensive Target Set: The deck includes 45 cards, each containing phonological targets that focus specifically on S clusters, such as /st/, /sp/, /sk/, /sn/, and /sl/. This targeted approach ensures that children receive focused intervention on one of the more challenging aspects of speech production.

  • Phonetically Facilitated Context: Each target is strategically selected to provide a context that facilitates easier acquisition of complex phonological forms, enhancing the effectiveness of therapy sessions.

  • Engaging Artwork: Designed with vibrant and appealing illustrations, the cards engage children, motivating them to participate actively in therapy sessions and promoting a high number of practice trials.

  • Dual Educational Purpose: While primarily aimed at improving speech production, these cards also bolster phonemic awareness, an essential skill for reading development and overall linguistic proficiency.

Benefits of Using This Deck:

  • Targeted Phonological Intervention: Focuses on S clusters, enabling speech-language pathologists to directly address specific speech sound errors that are pivotal for intelligibility.

  • Evidence-Based Methodology: Utilizes the Cycles approach, a well-established phonological intervention recognized for its effectiveness in rapidly improving speech clarity in children with significant phonological needs.

  • Increased Engagement and Trials: The engaging nature of the artwork on each card not only captures the child's interest but also encourages repeated practice, which is critical for mastering complex sounds.

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for a variety of therapeutic settings, including individual therapy sessions, group interventions, and at-home practice, enhancing its utility across different environments.

Ideal for:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists seeking a specialized tool to effectively address complex phonological patterns in children.

  • Educators and therapists in special education settings who work with children with significant speech sound disorders.

  • Parents and caregivers looking for evidence-based resources to support their child's speech development at home.

Great for ages 3-7 years with phonological deficits

The Bjorem Speech® Cycles Intervention: S Clusters Phonology Targets is designed not just as a therapeutic tool but as a pathway to significant phonological and communicative advancements. By focusing on S clusters, this deck ensures that children not only improve their speech clarity but also gain confidence in their communication abilities.

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