Cycles Intervention: Syllableness Phonology Targets

$45.00 USD

Cycles Intervention: Syllableness Phonology Targets

$45.00 USD
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Introducing the Bjorem Speech® Cycles Intervention: Syllableness Phonology Targets, expertly developed by Amy Graham to enhance phonological interventions for children with notable speech intelligibility issues. This set is meticulously designed for speech-language pathologists who are dedicated to improving the phonological skills of children with moderate to severe phonological deficits through a focused, cyclic approach.

Product Features:

  • Comprehensive Phonology Targets: Includes 56 carefully chosen targets that focus on varying syllable structures, crucial for developing phonological awareness and improving speech clarity.

  • Ideal Card Size: Each card measures 2.56" x 2.56", designed to be easily handled during therapy sessions, making them both functional and user-friendly.

  • Child-Friendly Material: Cards feature a thick, soft matte texture which reduces glare and ensures visibility and usability for all children, including those with vision impairments.

  • Phonetically Facilitated Context: Targets are selected based on a context that facilitates phonetic learning, promoting easier and more effective articulation practices.

Benefits of Using This Deck:

  • Enhances Phonological Awareness: By focusing on syllable structures and their variations, this deck helps children understand and manipulate the building blocks of speech, which is essential for clear and coherent communication.

  • Evidence-Based Methodology: Adheres to the Cycles approach, an established method proven to systematically improve speech intelligibility in children with severe phonological deficits.

  • Engaging Learning Experience: The engaging artwork on each card not only makes the learning process enjoyable but also encourages children to engage more deeply, resulting in a higher number of practice trials.

  • Versatile Educational Tool: Perfect for use in diverse settings, including clinical, educational, and home environments, thus broadening its applicability and effectiveness.

Ideal for:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists seeking targeted tools to effectively address complex phonological issues.

  • Educators and therapists in specialized settings who need reliable resources for phonological teaching and intervention.

  • Parents and caregivers looking for professional-grade support to enhance their child's speech development at home.

Great for ages 3-7 years with phonological deficits

The Bjorem Speech® Cycles Intervention: Syllableness Phonology Targets deck is an essential resource for any speech therapy program aiming to build solid phonological foundations in children with speech sound disorders. It provides a structured approach to phonological intervention, ensuring that each session not only targets crucial developmental areas but also maximizes engagement and effectiveness.

To explore how this phonology target deck can be integrated into your therapy sessions and to discover more about our comprehensive range of phonological intervention tools, visit With Bjorem Speech®, empower your therapeutic practices and witness transformative phonological improvements in your clients.


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