F Sound | Sonido F - Bilingual Flashcards for Speech Therapy

$39.99 USD

F Sound | Sonido F - Bilingual Flashcards for Speech Therapy

$39.99 USD
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The F Sound | Sonido F Articulation Flashcards include 45 total target words in the deck. These fun, vibrant & diverse bilingual flashcards include functional target words in both English & Spanish on each card. The entire deck includes the F sound in the initial, medial & final position of words in both languages! A truly one of kind resource!   

More About the Flashcards
These unique bilingual flashcards utilize cognate words as the main targets on each card & also supports evidence-based research on the use of cognate words with bilingual speakers. Cognate words are defined as having the same linguistic derivation as another.  

Cognate Pair Example:  English - Photo / Spanish - Foto 

Take them on-the-go!
Each box comes with a detachable ring holder for organizing, sorting your flashcards & on-the-go use!

Card Dimensions:

  • The box Includes large 3.5" X 3.5" flashcards
  • Large text print for easy readability
  • All flashcards have a matte finish 
  • High quality, Thick & Durable Cards
  • Cards come in a Magnetic Box

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