Facilitative Contexts /ɹ/ Inventory & Therapy Bundle

$199.99 USD

Facilitative Contexts /ɹ/ Inventory & Therapy Bundle

$199.99 USD
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Product description

Facilitative Contexts /ɹ/ Inventory & Therapy Bundle

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Discover the ultimate solution for /ɹ/ analysis and therapy with the /ɹ/ Inventory and Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy Bundle. This comprehensive set, designed by renowned experts Dr. Kelly Farquharson and Dr. Carol Koch, is an essential tool for speech-language pathologists dedicated to treating and monitoring progress for /ɹ/.

What's Included in the Bundle?

  1. /ɹ/ Inventory: This inventory tool dives deep into various linguistic contexts for /ɹ/, including 7 facilitative contexts, R clusters, Vocalic R, and Dialect Phrases (both rhotic and non-rhotic). It's designed to be comprehensive, offering analysis in single words and phrases. Special attention is given to dialect-sensitive phrases, ideal for identifying non-rhotic dialects from regions like Eastern America, the UK, and Australia, ensuring a culturally sensitive approach to speech therapy.

  2. Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy: This set of 89 cards with 149 targets across 7 different facilitative contexts—including high front vowels, low front vowels, alveolars, high back vowels, low back vowels, velars, and liquids—facilitates precise speech therapy. Each card is designed to support a variety of tongue postures for the correct production of /ɹ/, making every word an opportunity for correct practice.

  3. Downloadable PDF Handbook: Complement your therapy and assessment with a digital handbook that provides detailed protocols and guidance for using the /ɹ/ Inventory and therapy cards effectively. This resource is invaluable for planning sessions and tracking progress.

Product Details:

  • /ɹ/ Inventory Cards: 5.12" x 5.12"

  • Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy Cards: 2.56" x 2.56"

  • Cues: Thick soft matte texture to reduce glare, suitable for children with vision impairments.

Terms of Use:

  • One downloadable protocol per physical address.

  • No copying or sharing protocols outside of the physical address.

  • Report misuse to hello@bjoremspeech.com

Enhance your therapy tools with this dual product bundle, meticulously crafted to provide thorough assessments and effective interventions for /ɹ/. Perfect for any speech-language pathologist looking to elevate their practice with evidence-based, culturally competent materials.

Please watch the videos we have provided for you to learn more about this product, what is included, and how to use! 

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