Box of L Speech Sound Cards

$19.99 USD

Box of L Speech Sound Cards

$19.99 USD
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Bjorem Speech® The Box of L - Speech Sound Cards

Product #55022

Elevate your speech and language resources with the Bjorem Speech® The Box of L, a meticulously curated set of 40 cards designed to target /l/ across all word positions. This box is an invaluable tool for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents aiming to enrich phoneme-specific interventions with a functional, diverse, and engaging approach. Great for kids 3 and up!

Product Features:

  • Extensive Phoneme Coverage: Includes 16 initial /l/ cards with 34 targets, 13 medial /l/ cards with 23 targets, and 11 final /l/ cards with 13 targets, providing comprehensive exposure and practice opportunities.

  • Rich Vocabulary Set: Features a wide array of words such as "lucky," "leprechaun," "leaping," "lemon," "lemonade," "laundry," "lobster," and "helicopter," enhancing both speech sound proficiency and vocabulary development.

  • Engaging and Inclusive Artwork: Each card is adorned with diverse and inclusive illustrations that reflect a variety of scenes and characters, fostering an engaging learning environment for children of all backgrounds.

  • High-Quality Design: Cards are 2.56" x 2.56" with a thick, soft matte finish, reducing glare to ensure usability for children with vision impairments and providing durability for frequent handling.

  • Interactive and Functional: The functional targets and relatable artwork not only engage children but also encourage them to use these words in various communicative contexts, promoting active learning and retention.

Ideal for:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists: A perfect addition to therapy sessions focused on articulation and phonological processes.

  • Educators: Integrates easily into classroom activities focused on language and literacy development.

  • Parents and Caregivers: Offers a fun and educational way to support speech and language development at home.

The Bjorem Speech® The Box of L is more than just a set of flashcards; it's a comprehensive educational toolkit designed to address specific speech sound challenges while enriching vocabulary and storytelling skills. Grab this box to ensure your speech and language deck is up-to-date with the latest in functional, diverse, and engaging materials.

Word List: lucky, leprechaun, leaping, lamp, light, letter, Lia, envelope, ladybug, leaf, yellow, lock, lunch, lazy, lion, large, little, lime, lightning, lizard, licking, lollipop, leopard, laying, llamas, love, long, eyelashes, lemon, lemonade, lobster, laundry, lemur, playing, legos, labradoodle, toilet, ballerina, holding, balloons, elephant, jello, dollar, olive, police, looking, binoculars, helicopter, island, pillow, pilot, airplane, coloring, colors, violin, belly, tickle, calling, ball, bell, girl, barrel, owl, pool, whale, yell, snail, pickle, bowl, fall, tail. 

Discover more about this and other specialized phonological tools by visiting With Bjorem Speech®, transform your speech therapy and educational interventions with tools that are as effective as they are captivating.

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