Prosody Cues

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Prosody Cues

$50.00 USD
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Enhance your educational tools with the Bjorem Speech® Prosody Cues, expertly crafted to assist in the development of speech, language, and reading prosody. These cues are designed to enrich interventions targeting motor planning, childhood apraxia, social language, and reading fluency. Ideal for use in both playful interactions and structured educational tasks, this versatile tool is a must-have for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents.

Key Features:

  • Prosodic Elements: The set comprehensively covers essential prosodic parameters such as pitch, volume, rate, stress, movement/rhythm, and emotions. These elements are crucial for nuanced communication and effective language use.

  • Visual Learning Aids: Cards for pitch, volume, and rate are designed to align visually, illustrating the continuum of each prosodic feature. This visual representation helps learners understand the interplay between different aspects of prosody.

  • User-Friendly Design: Each card is 2.56" x 2.56", crafted with a thick, soft matte texture to reduce glare, enhancing accessibility for children with vision impairments.


  • Improves Verbal Expression: By focusing on how messages are conveyed through changes in prosody, these cues help children enhance their expressive language skills, crucial for both social interactions and academic success.

  • Supports Diverse Educational Goals: Whether it’s improving speech clarity in childhood apraxia or enhancing emotional expression through language, these cues cater to a wide range of educational and therapeutic needs.

  • Facilitates Engagement and Understanding: The inclusion of emotion cues alongside prosodic features bridges the gap between mechanical speech patterns and expressive communication, fostering deeper understanding and empathy.

Ideal for:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists

  • Special Education Teachers

  • Parents and Caregivers seeking to support home-based learning

The Bjorem Speech® Prosody Cues provide a dynamic and interactive way to teach and reinforce the subtle aspects of spoken language that influence meaning and emotion. They are an excellent resource for anyone looking to enhance their educational repertoire with tools that make learning about prosody both informative and engaging.

Elevate your speech and language interventions with Bjorem Speech®, where we believe in making learning accessible and fun.


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