Minimal Pairs: Gliding

$40.00 USD

Minimal Pairs: Gliding

$40.00 USD
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Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs: Gliding

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Introduce a targeted approach to speech sound disorders therapy with the Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs: Gliding deck, meticulously crafted to assist children with mild to moderate phonological impairments in overcoming the common phonological process of gliding. Great for children 3 years of age and over! 

Product Features:

  • Comprehensive Target Set: Includes 58 cards total, with 50 minimal pair cards that directly address gliding of liquids like 'r' vs. 'w', 'l' vs. 'w', and 'l' vs. 'y'.

  • Versatile Phonetic Contexts: Features words in the initial position and clusters, offering a broad range of examples to facilitate learning and application.

  • Engaging Design: Cards are sized at 2.56" x 2.56" and constructed with a thick, soft matte texture, ensuring durability and reducing glare to accommodate children with vision impairments.

Flexible Learning Options:

  • Tailored Therapy Approaches: Supports both the perception-production and meaningful minimal pairs approaches, allowing customization of the intervention to better suit the individual needs of each child.

  • Customizable Treatment Sets: Enables therapists to determine the number of minimal pairs used, target specific sounds or a range of sounds, and expand the treatment set according to the progress and needs of the child.

  • Interactive Learning Sessions: Encourages an engaging and dynamic therapy environment. Utilize the color-coding on the back of the cards for an easy match-up of pairs and quick identification of related sounds during interactive sessions.

Benefits of Using This Deck:

  • Effective Phonological Remediation: Directly targets gliding, a common issue in speech development, helping children differentiate between liquids and glides, crucial for enhancing speech intelligibility.

  • Increased Engagement and Practice: The visually appealing cards capture children's interest, promoting extensive practice and interaction, which is essential for mastering new speech patterns.

  • Adaptable for Various Settings: Perfect for use in diverse environments, including clinical, educational, and home settings, enhancing its utility and effectiveness across different contexts.

Ideal for:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists seeking specialized tools for effective phonological intervention.

  • Educators and therapists in settings that require focused resources for teaching correct sound production.

  • Parents and caregivers looking for professional-grade materials to support their child's speech development at home.

The Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs: Gliding deck is more than just a teaching aid; it is a comprehensive solution designed to address specific phonological challenges effectively. Equip your therapeutic practice with this essential tool to facilitate significant improvements in speech development.

Discover more about this and other innovative phonological tools at With Bjorem Speech®, transform speech challenges into opportunities for significant growth and effective communication.

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