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Act IT, Say IT, Scan IT Bundle Act IT, Say IT, Scan IT Bundle
Act IT, Say IT, Scan IT Bundle $82.97 $92.97
PRESALE orders will ship in their entirety once the presale item is in stock. We estimate the product will ship beginning of September. If you are purchasing this item with another product, please order items separately if you want the other items shipped now. Check here for updated pre-order shipping dates Product #00001 Unlock a world of playful interaction and expressive learning with our exclusive Pre-Sale Act IT, Say IT, Scan IT Bundle! For a limited time only, get all three NEW decks at a special discounted price. This bundle includes: Action Picture Cards: 7.25"x4.5" cards What Sound?: 4"x4" cards Exclamatory Words: 4"x4" cards These decks are more than just a set of cards; they are your gateway to enhancing early communication through engaging and dynamic activities. Incorporate these cards into your daily routines to create a fun and supportive environment that encourages children to explore and use new words confidently. Kids love the interactive QR code component on the What Sound? and Exclamatory Words AND you will find diverse and inclusive images throughout all three of these decks, making sure all kids feel included and seen.  Transform your teaching toolkit and make learning an adventure with the Pre-Sale Act IT, Say IT, Scan IT Bundle. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer – grab your bundle today and watch children’s communication skills soar!
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[title]BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues
BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues $56.25 $75.00
Big Box of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues YOU DO NOT NEED THE EXPANSION PACK IF PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT NOW! Product #57500 The Bjorem Speech® BIG Box of Sound Cues is the same as the small original deck, just BIGGER! This deck offers sound associations to support the development of speech sound production and phonological awareness. This deck is perfectly suited for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents aiming to enhance speech sound and early literacy development. Key Features: Extensive Content: The BIG Box includes 40 oversized cards, covering 25 consonants and 14 vowels with two vowel sort cards. It also features two vowel sort cards essential for targeting specific speech sounds and their positions during therapy sessions. Large-Format Design: Each card measures 5.12" x 5.12", designed to facilitate easy handling in group settings, during gross motor activities, and in teletherapy environments. The large size ensures visibility and interactivity for all participants. Specialized Materials: The cards are made with a thick, soft matte finish to minimize glare, making them ideal for children with vision impairments and suitable for a variety of lighting conditions. Versatile Functionality: Developed using evidence-based practices, these sound cue cards are adaptable across multiple settings, from drill work to classroom integration and play-based therapy. Their versatility makes them an invaluable addition to any educational or therapeutic program. Educational Impact: Beyond aiding in speech therapy, these cards serve as a bridge to early literacy by helping children visually connect with sounds, fostering foundational reading and spelling skills. Benefits: Enhanced Learning Opportunities: These sound cues support engaging, effective, and inclusive speech therapy sessions, promoting better learning outcomes and enhanced communication skills. Support for Diverse Learning Environments: Whether used in a traditional classroom, a therapeutic setting, or at home, these cards adapt to various learning contexts, supporting a wide range of educational goals. Foundational Literacy Development: By associating sounds with visual cues, these cards not only improve speech but also kickstart the journey into early literacy and emerging reader skills. Get Your Set Today: The Bjorem Speech® BIG Box of Sound Cues is an essential resource for any professional or caregiver focused on developing robust speech and language abilities in children. To learn more about how these sound cues can transform your educational or therapeutic practices, or to make a purchase, please visit our Bjorem Speech® products page.
Bjorem Better Letters™ & Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Mini Vinyl Sticker Pack Bjorem Better Letters™ & Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Mini Vinyl Sticker Pack
Bjorem Better Letters™ & Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Mini Vinyl Sticker Pack $12.99
The Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues and Bjorem Better Letters™ have united to introduce an innovative tool for speech and language therapy: Mini Vinyl Sticker Packs. This creative fusion offers 86 individual stickers, two of each sound cue, each approximately 1'x1", designed to engage and assist in learning sounds for children. These stickers are perfect for therapists, educators, and parents looking for a versatile, fun, and effective way to support speech and language development. Product Description: The Mini Vinyl Sticker Pack by Bjorem Speech® is a compact, engaging, and versatile tool designed to enhance speech and language therapy sessions. Containing 86 individual stickers featuring the iconic visuals from Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues and Bjorem Better Letters™, these stickers are perfect for on-the-go learning, classroom activities, and home practice. Sized at approximately 1'x1", each sticker is crafted from durable vinyl, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of active learning environments. Ideal for speech therapists, educators, and parents, these stickers support the development of phonological awareness, early literacy, and emerging reading skills, making speech therapy sessions both effective and enjoyable. Size: Approx. 1'x1"
Bjorem BIG Roller 20-Sided GIGANTIC Die Bjorem BIG Roller 20-Sided GIGANTIC Die
Bjorem BIG Roller 20-Sided GIGANTIC Die $14.99
Bjorem BIGRoller Gigantic 20-sided Die Product#20050 Introducing the Gigantic Bjorem BIGRoller 20-Sided Die! IT IS HUGE! – the ultimate game-changer in engaging and dynamic therapy sessions! This oversized die isn't just big in size; it's big on fun and effectiveness, quickly becoming a favorite tool for therapists and families alike. Key Features: Versatile Use: Perfect for therapy groups, family game nights, educational activities, and more. This die is designed to be BIGwith bubbles to captivate children’s attention and make learning fun. Educational Benefits: Excellent for teaching number recognition, counting skills, and simple mathematical concepts in a playful environment. High Engagement: Known for boosting participation and excitement, this die helps achieve high repetitions in therapy or learning scenarios, ensuring effective outcomes. Durable and Safe: Made with sturdy materials, this die is tough enough for enthusiastic play. Its solid construction ensures it can be used on various surfaces, from tables to carpeted floors. Whether you're rolling for numbers during a speech therapy session or adding a twist to family game night, the Gigantic 20-Sided Die promises not just to entertain but to enhance the learning and engagement of all participants. Don't miss out on this must-have addition to your educational tools collection – where learning meets laughter and excitement! BIGRoller - Over 2" in diameter weighing .42 lbs, hard plastic - comes in a storage box
Bjorem Speech Sound Cue Minis by The Speech Tree [title]Bjorem Speech Sound Cue Minis by The Speech Tree
Bjorem Speech Sound Cue Minis by The Speech Tree $39.99
Product  #BSSC-MINI  Bjorem Speech has teamed up with The Speech Tree to bring you custom Bjorem Speech Sound Cue mini objects. The highly sought after Speech Tree minis will bring the speech cues to life. Kids love having tangible objects and the ability to use them interactively. These mini objects are a must-have when incorporating the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues into your therapy sessions or lessons. View  the resource guide using the QR code below or download using this link. These are 39 different minis to match each of the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues!  What's Included? 5"x7" canvas drawstring bag 39 mini objects that represent the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Download guide Minis are 25mm-35mm (1-2 inches) Mixture of PVC and resin depending on art and object Minis include the new ball /b/ and gulping /g/ and both the zombie and coughing camel for /k/ (these new cards are available in the expansion pack) For other minis visit https://www.speechtreeco.com/ CHOKING HAZARD: Contains small parts not for children under three years.  
Speech Therapy Picture Cards Bjorem Speech Sound Cues
Bjorem Speech Sound Cues $60.00
Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Product #: 56000 Description: Overview: The Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues Deck is an essential educational tool crafted by certified speech-language pathologists to enhance speech and language development in children. This deck is a cornerstone resource for supporting early language learners, individuals with speech sound disorders, and children diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech. Key Features: Comprehensive Content: The deck comprises 40 robust cards, each representing one of the 25 consonants or 16 vowels. The cards are adorned with vivid, engaging illustrations that visually represent each sound, facilitating easier auditory-visual association for children. Thoughtful Design: Each card measures 2.56" x 2.56" and features a soft matte texture to reduce glare, making them suitable for children with visual sensitivities. The back of each card includes a descriptive narrative and colorful imagery to support comprehension and retention. Educational Value: Developed based on evidence-based practices, these cards are instrumental in fostering phonological awareness and early literacy skills. They emphasize learning sounds over letters, which is crucial in the early stages of speech development. Versatile Use: Designed for flexibility, these cards can be integrated into a variety of educational and therapeutic activities, including reading programs, classroom settings, play-based therapy, and structured drill work. They are a perfect complement to any speech therapy program. Age-Appropriate Learning: The cards are suitable for use with children starting from 18 months old, making them an excellent choice for early intervention strategies. Benefits: Enhanced Learning Experience: By linking visual cues with sounds, these cards help children develop a foundational understanding of speech sounds, crucial for their language development journey. Supports Diverse Learning Needs: Ideal for children with various learning and speech challenges, including those with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively. Engaging and Interactive: With colorful and intuitive designs, the cards maintain children’s interest and engagement, making learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Additional Resources: For further insights and creative ways to use the Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues Deck in therapy sessions or at home, visit our YouTube channel and Blog for tutorials, tips, and more.
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[title]Box of BUNDLE - P B M T D N K G F V [title]Box of BUNDLE - P B M T D N K G F V
Box of Bundle P B M T D N K G F V $161.42 $189.90
Box of Bundle Product #55039 Introducing the Bjorem Box of Bundle®—a masterful collection designed to amplify your therapy sessions with a diverse, functional approach to speech, literacy, and language development. Enjoy a special 5% discount when you purchase this collection of 10 Boxes of Sound Decks, each deck filled with 40 cards showcasing over 40 target sounds in initial, medial, and final positions. Designed for speech therapists, educators, and parents, this bundle is perfect for creating engaging storytelling sessions, categorizing images, and reinforcing high repetition learning. The decks include nouns and verbs that encourage the development of complex language skills and are particularly effective for targeting specific apraxia challenges. The Bjorem Box of Bundle® is not just a purchase—it's an investment in versatile, research-based materials that represent a wide array of sounds and language functions. Each card is crafted with a soft matte texture to ensure comfort and usability for all children, including those with vision impairments who may experience glare from glossy surfaces. As you explore the many applications of these decks—from sorting by medial vowels to generating action ing words—you'll find that the possibilities for use are as limitless as your creativity. Follow @bjoremspeech on Instagram for even more innovative ideas on how to utilize this exceptional tool in your educational or therapeutic setting. Elevate your practice today with the Bjorem Box of Bundle®, and watch as every session becomes a journey of discovery and growth for you and your clients. Great for kids 3 and up! Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists & SLPAs: Provides a specialized tool to address specific phonological challenges effectively. Educators: Perfect for integrating phoneme awareness into classroom activities and literacy programs. Parents and Caregivers: Offers a valuable resource for reinforcing therapy goals and supporting language development at home.   Box of YouTube Video
[title]Box of S, R, L Clusters Bundle [title]Box of S, R, L Clusters Bundle
Box of S, R, L Clusters Bundle Sound Cue Cards $59.00
Bjorem Speech® Box of S, R, and L Clusters Bundle - Sound Cue Cards Product #55030 Elevate your speech therapy resources with the Bjorem Speech® Box of S, R, and L Clusters Bundle, a meticulously curated set specifically designed to target the complex and crucial /s/, /ɹ/, and /l/ clusters. Ideal for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents, this bundle is essential for addressing the articulation challenges associated with these consonant clusters in initial word positions. Product Features: Targeted Cluster Practice: Each box in the bundle focuses on one type of cluster—/s/, /ɹ/, or /l/, providing 40 cards per box that offer targeted practice on these critical speech sounds in their initial positions. Comprehensive Learning Tools: The set features a total of 120 cards, each containing functional, diverse targets that facilitate correct sound production and enhance phonetic development across a broad range of contexts. Inclusive and Engaging Artwork: The cards are adorned with motivating and inclusive illustrations, reflecting a variety of scenes and characters to engage children and promote an understanding of diverse realities. High-Quality Design: Cards measure 2.56" x 2.56" and are crafted with a thick, soft matte texture, minimizing glare to ensure usability for children with vision impairments and providing durability for frequent handling. Benefits of Using This Bundle: Enhanced Speech Clarity: Focused on /s/, /ɹ/, and /l/ clusters, this bundle is crucial for developing clear and effective communication skills, particularly in tackling the complexities of consonant clusters. Supports Multiple Learning Objectives: Beyond phoneme practice, these decks support broader language development goals such as literacy, story building, and complex sound differentiation. Interactive and Functional: The functional targets and relatable artwork not only draw children into the learning process but also encourage them to use these sounds in various communicative contexts, promoting active learning and retention. Educators: Perfect for integrating detailed phoneme awareness into classroom activities and literacy programs. Parents and Caregivers: Offers valuable resources for reinforcing therapy goals and supporting language development at home. Box of L Clusters: blue, blocks, blanket, black, blink, blizzard, slide, slope, slither, slip, slug, slow, sleep, slimy, clean, closet, clap, close, claw, clock, clicker, climb, cloud, fly, flap, flame, flower, floss, float, flute, glue, glass, glitter, glove, globe, gloomy, planet, plane, play, please, plant, plow Box of S Clusters: skunk, skating, scoop, scarf, skull, scare, squeal, scream, scuba, mask, lobster, skip, skirt, slide, slippery, slug, slimy, sled, sledding, smell, stinky, smoke, smoky, smash, small, smile, smirk, snickering, snow, snowflake, snail, slime, snack, snap peas, snuggle, snooze, sleep, snoring, snake, sneeze, stop, stop sign, stopped, sticking, sticker, story, stamp, sticky, postage, post office, stone, step, stairs, staircase, monster, dentist, swing, swinging, swaying, swan, swimming, swamp, sweep, sweater, swimming, swamp, swat, swoop, sponge, space, spaceship, stars, spoon, speech, speaking, spooky, spider Box of R Clusters: brain, brown, bread, broom, breakfast, bridge, crane, cranking, cry, cranky, crayon, creepy, crawler, creek, crazy, green, grass, grasshopper, ground, grapes, growing, groceries, grill, grate, grumpy, grouchy, grizzly, grumble, growl, drive, drawing, dress, dragon, drumming, drum, drink, dribble, dream, dreamy, drowsy, drop, drill, pretty, princess, bracelet, prince, pretzel, practice, print, proofread, proud, present, prize, price, frown, frustrated, fresh, fruit, friend, frozen, freezing, Friday, frog, freckles, friendly, friends, frisbee, tropical, tree, trunk, truck, trouble, treasure, train, tracks, triangle, trampoline, tractor
Multisyllabic Words Multisyllabic Words
Box of Sounds in a Book Download $65.00
THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. THE DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU AND IS AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Product Number 20007 Bjorem Speech Box of Sounds in a Book Download is exactly what you have been waiting for. 135 pages of black & white reproducible beautiful, functional, relevant, diverse target word pages. Each sound page includes 9 targets with 5 practice bubbles. This book is perfect for group practice, homework, getting multiple repetitions. You may take this file and print in book form for your personal use. ***This is single use only, please purchase as many copies needed for users of this product. Discounts applied for multiple licenses.*** What's included? Single word level targets for the following cagegories: *Syllable Shapes *Multisyllabic Words *Vowels *Initial, Medial, Final Sound Positions *Clusters * /ɹ/ Targets *Data Collection Sheets ***This Stimulus Book is licensed for single use only. This means that this resource is licensed for use and viewing to the person that purchased it. You may not purchase one copy for an entire clinic or school. Please contact us for multi-use license cost. Please report any misuse of this product to hello@bjoremspeech.com NO REFUNDS or RETURNS ALLOWED
Cycles Intervention Bundle #1 [title]Cycles Intervention Bundle #1
Cycles Intervention Bundle #1 $128.25
Product #55006 Introducing the comprehensive Phonology Targets for Cycles Intervention Bundle # 1 by Amy Graham, specifically tailored for use within the Cycles phonological therapy approach. These three meticulously designed decks are indispensable tools for speech-language pathologists targeting moderate to severe phonological disorders in children. Each deck focuses on a different phonological process or sound pattern, ensuring thorough and varied practice across a broad spectrum of phonological challenges. 3 DECKS:  Cycles Initial & Final Consonant Deletion: This deck aids in addressing common issues with consonant deletion at word boundaries. It includes 60 targets featuring initial and final sounds, crucial for developing accurate word structure in speech. Cycles S Clusters: This deck provides 60 targets focused on the production of initial /s/ clusters, which are often problematic for children with phonological challenges. It covers various combinations, including /st/, /sp/, /sn/, /sm/, /sk/, and /sl/. Cycles Fronting & Backing: Focusing on velar and palatal fronting and backing, this deck includes 56 targets. It helps children differentiate between and correct forward and backward substitutions of sounds like /k/, /g/, /t/, and /d/. Additional Benefits: Versatile Use: Each deck is designed to be used flexibly across different therapy settings, including individual sessions, groups, or at home under guidance, making them a versatile addition to any speech therapy program. Educational Value: These decks not only facilitate phonological development but also enhance related literacy skills, as mastering phonological patterns directly impacts reading and spelling abilities. Durable and User-Friendly: All cards are made from high-quality, durable materials suitable for frequent use. The clear, colorful illustrations and straightforward layout make them accessible and engaging for young learners. Great for ages 3-7 years with phonological deficits The Phonology Targets for Cycles Intervention decks by Amy Graham are essential resources for any speech-language pathologist committed to following the Cycles approach for phonological remediation. Their comprehensive coverage, practical design, and focus on crucial sound patterns make them a valuable investment in the speech and language development of children with phonological disorders.  Card: 2.56" x 2.56" Cues are a thick soft matte texture, they are not shiny or laminated so children with vision impairments do not get the glare.
[title]G Sound | Sonido G - Bilingual Flashcards for Speech Therapy [title]G Sound | Sonido G - Bilingual Flashcards for Speech Therapy
G Sound | Sonido G - Bilingual Flashcards for Speech Therapy $39.99
Product #BS-BAF-G-003 The G Sound | Sonido G - Bilingual Flashcards for Speech Therapy include 45 total target words in the deck. These fun, vibrant & diverse bilingual flashcards include functional target words in both English & Spanish on each card. The entire deck includes the G sound in the initial, medial & final position of words in both languages! A truly one of kind resource!   More About the FlashcardsThese unique bilingual flashcards utilize cognate words as the main targets on each card & also supports evidence-based research on the use of cognate words with bilingual speakers. Cognate words are defined as having the same linguistic derivation as another.    Cognate Pair Example:  English - Goal / Spanish - Gol Take them on-the-go!Each box comes with a detachable ring holder for organizing, sorting your flashcards & on-the-go use! Card Dimensions: The box Includes large 3.5" X 3.5" flashcards Large text print for easy readability All flashcards have a matte finish  High quality, Thick & Durable Cards Cards come in a Magnetic Box
Lateralization Lateralization
Lateralization $50.00
Product #55002 WELCOME! Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Lateralization incorporates “new sounds” to help children eliminate the old sound and old speech pattern. Checkout the deck in action Watch this video to learn more  The idea behind these "new sound" cues is to STOP shaping the "old" sound that the child is lateralizing and to start from scratch with a "new" sound.  When a child thinks we're working on /s/ they often go back to lateralizing (or /sh/ & /ch/ if those are the phonemes they're lateralizing), even if they're accurate at the isolation level.... so, Amy Graham has created NEW SOUNDS for /s/, /z/,  /ʃ /, / tʃ /, and /dʒ/ . The Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues Lateralization Deck is a pioneering tool designed to assist children and adults who struggle with lateral lisps and other lateralization speech patterns. Developed with insights from seasoned speech-language pathologists, this deck employs innovative cognitive reframing techniques to transform how users produce and perceive speech sounds, promoting clearer and more effective communication. Key Features: - Targeted Speech Intervention: Tailored specifically for individuals who exhibit lateralized speech patterns, impacting the clarity of sibilant sounds such as /s/ and /z/. - Cognitive Reframing Approach: Utilizes cognitive reframing to help users mentally adjust their understanding and execution of sound production, facilitating the correction of lateralized speech. - Comprehensive Toolset: Includes a diverse range of cue cards focused on commonly lateralized sounds, such as /s/, /z/, /ʃ/, /tʃ/, and /dʒ/. Each card is equipped with visual and verbal cues. - Engaging and Educational Visuals:Features vivid and engaging illustrations that not only capture the user’s interest but also visually reinforce correct speech production techniques. - Evidence-Based Design: Crafted in collaboration with Amy Graham of Graham Speech Therapy, ensuring that the deck is grounded in the latest research and best practices in speech therapy. -Versatile Usage: Ideal for clinical settings, educational environments, and home use, empowering speech therapists, educators, and family members to effectively support individuals with lateralization issues. Great for kids 3-12 years with articulation disorder
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[title]Minimal Pairs Bundle - 6 Box Set [title]Minimal Pairs Bundle - 6 Box Set
Minimal Pairs Bundle - 6 Box Set $193.80 $228.00
Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs Bundle Set Product Number #55034 Enhance your therapeutic toolkit with the Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs Bundle Set, a comprehensive collection designed by Rebecca Reinking to address a range of phonological impairments from mild to severe. This set is ideal for speech-language pathologists seeking to implement the minimal pairs therapy approach, which is effective in correcting phonological errors through contrasting word pairs. Great for children 3 years of age and over!  Product Features: Complete Set of Therapy Tools: Includes all 6 boxes of the Minimal Pairs series, each targeting a specific phonological process: Voicing Minimal Pairs Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pairs S Cluster Reduction Minimal Pairs Fronting & Backing Minimal Pairs Gliding Minimal Pairs Stopping Minimal Pairs Engaging and Educational Content: Each box contains cards with engaging images that are specifically designed to hold the interest of children while effectively conveying the contrasting sounds. High-Quality Materials: Cards measure 2.56" x 2.56" and are made with a thick, soft matte texture to reduce glare, ensuring usability for children with vision impairments and durability for frequent handling. Benefits of Using This Bundle: Comprehensive Phonological Intervention: By covering a wide range of phonological processes, this bundle provides tools to treat various speech sound errors, making it a versatile addition to any speech therapy program. Effective Learning Strategy: The minimal pairs approach is a proven method for helping children differentiate between sounds, leading to improvements in speech clarity and reduction of phonological errors. Interactive and Functional: The visually appealing cards not only draw children into the therapy process but also facilitate active participation and engagement, enhancing the effectiveness of the intervention. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists: Offers a complete set of specialized tools to address specific phonological challenges effectively. Educators: Useful for reinforcing phonemic awareness and correct pronunciation in educational settings. Parents and Caregivers: Provides a valuable resource for supporting speech development and correcting phonological errors at home. The Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs Bundle Set is more than just a collection of therapy cards; it's a strategic intervention tool designed to address diverse phonological challenges while fostering significant improvements in speech clarity. Equip your practice with this comprehensive bundle and witness transformative results in your phonological interventions. Explore the full potential of the Minimal Pairs Bundle and other specialized resources by visiting www.bjoremspeech.com. With Bjorem Speech®, transform speech challenges into opportunities for growth and effective communication.
[title]Minimal Pairs: Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pairs: Final Consonant Deletion
Minimal Pairs: Final Consonant Deletion $40.00
Bjorem Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pair Cards Product #55017 Purchase the Minimal Pairs Bundle for a Discount Product Description: The Bjorem Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pair Cards are an essential tool for speech therapists targeting final consonant deletion. This set includes 46 high-quality cards, comprising 40 minimal pair cards designed to enhance speech clarity in children by focusing on various final consonant sounds. Key Features: Targets Final Consonant Deletion: Helps children practice and correct final consonant deletion in their speech. 46 Cards in Total: Includes 40 minimal pair cards with multiple words on each card, ensuring diverse practice. Three Types of Cue Cards: Provides different visual and auditory cues to support varied learning needs. Durable Design: The cards measure 2.56" x 2.56" and are crafted from thick, soft matte material. This design minimizes glare, making them suitable for children with vision impairments. Inclusivity and Usability: These cards are designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring they can be used effectively by all children, including those with visual impairments. The matte texture prevents glare, making them easy to see and use in any light condition. Why Choose Bjorem Speech®: By choosing Bjorem Speech®, you are opting for diverse, inclusive, and evidence-based therapy materials. Our products are designed to be fun, functional, and engaging, ensuring that children enjoy their learning experience while making significant progress in their speech therapy. For more information and to explore our full range of products, visit the Bjorem Speech® website. Enhance your speech therapy toolkit with our practical and research-based materials today!
[title]Minimal Pairs: Fronting & Backing Minimal Pairs: Fronting & Backing
Minimal Pairs: Fronting & Backing $40.00
Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs: Fronting & Backing Product # 55016 Purchase the Minimal Pairs Bundle for a Discount Enhance your speech therapy toolkit with the Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs: Fronting & Backing deck, a meticulously designed resource aimed at addressing specific phonological impairments in children. This set focuses on the common phonological processes of fronting and backing, making it an indispensable tool for speech-language pathologists working with children exhibiting mild to moderate phonological challenges. Great for children 3 years of age and over!  Product Features: Comprehensive Content: The deck includes a total of 60 cards, with 52 cards dedicated to minimal pairs and 4 types of cue cards, providing a robust framework for targeted speech intervention. Versatile Sound Targets: Focuses on critical sound contrasts such as 'k' vs. 't', 'g' vs. 'd', and 'sh' vs. 's', included in words positioned at the initial, final, and in clusters, to address a wide range of phonetic contexts. Child-Friendly Design: Each card is 2.56" x 2.56" and features a thick, soft matte texture which reduces glare, making them accessible for children with vision impairments and comfortable for frequent handling during sessions. Adaptive Learning Approach: Customizable Treatment Sets: Therapists can choose the number of pairs used, target one or multiple sounds, and even expand the treatment set as needed, offering exceptional adaptability. Interactive Learning Sessions: Encourages dynamic interaction during sessions. The reverse side of the cards includes a color-coding feature to help quickly match pairs and identify related sounds, enhancing the learning experience. Engaging and Effective: The visually appealing and tactile nature of the cards promotes engagement and motivates children to participate actively in repetitive practice, essential for mastering new speech patterns. Educational Versatility: Ideal for use in diverse settings, from one-on-one therapy sessions to group settings in clinics or educational environments, and even for at-home practice supported by caregivers. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists seeking specialized tools to effectively treat phonological disorders. Educators and therapists in settings requiring focused intervention on specific speech sound errors. Parents and caregivers looking for professional-grade materials to support their child’s speech development at home. The Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs: Fronting & Backing deck is not just a teaching aid; it is a comprehensive approach to phonological correction, designed to meet the unique needs of each child. Equip your practice with this essential tool and witness the transformative impact on your clients' speech development. Explore more about this and other phonological intervention tools at www.adventuresinspeechpathology.com. With Bjorem Speech®, empower your therapy sessions and enable clearer communication with targeted, effective resources.