Bjorem Better letters™

Partnering with Bjorem Speech, Laurie Berkner remixes phonics into FUN with a playlist that makes "the letters better by learning the sounds." These six catchy and energetic songs will have kids jumping, galloping, stomping, and swaying side to side while learning vowels, digraphs, and consonants!

Watch, Listen, Sing & Dance

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Join Laurie Berkner and Bjorem Speech in making Letters Better through music and sound-letter associations! We cannot wait to see what your kids learn. Snag your corresponding Better Letters Card Deck on PreSale TODAY!

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  • Better Letters with Laurie Berkner

    Pair this deck with Laurie's six song series Better Letters for a multisensory learning expreience.

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  • Better Letters STICKER Pack

    Mini vinyl stickers will make learning sounds and letters even more fun and interactive. Grab this pack today!

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  • For Educators coming soon

    Use this deck to help teach students reading concepts, various spelling generalizations, and work work on phonemic awareness.

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