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[title]BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues
BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues $56.25 $75.00
Big Box of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues YOU DO NOT NEED THE EXPANSION PACK IF PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT NOW! Product #57500 The Bjorem Speech® BIG Box of Sound Cues is the same as the small original deck, just BIGGER! This deck offers sound associations to support the development of speech sound production and phonological awareness. This deck is perfectly suited for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents aiming to enhance speech sound and early literacy development. Key Features: Extensive Content: The BIG Box includes 40 oversized cards, covering 25 consonants and 14 vowels with two vowel sort cards. It also features two vowel sort cards essential for targeting specific speech sounds and their positions during therapy sessions. Large-Format Design: Each card measures 5.12" x 5.12", designed to facilitate easy handling in group settings, during gross motor activities, and in teletherapy environments. The large size ensures visibility and interactivity for all participants. Specialized Materials: The cards are made with a thick, soft matte finish to minimize glare, making them ideal for children with vision impairments and suitable for a variety of lighting conditions. Versatile Functionality: Developed using evidence-based practices, these sound cue cards are adaptable across multiple settings, from drill work to classroom integration and play-based therapy. Their versatility makes them an invaluable addition to any educational or therapeutic program. Educational Impact: Beyond aiding in speech therapy, these cards serve as a bridge to early literacy by helping children visually connect with sounds, fostering foundational reading and spelling skills. Benefits: Enhanced Learning Opportunities: These sound cues support engaging, effective, and inclusive speech therapy sessions, promoting better learning outcomes and enhanced communication skills. Support for Diverse Learning Environments: Whether used in a traditional classroom, a therapeutic setting, or at home, these cards adapt to various learning contexts, supporting a wide range of educational goals. Foundational Literacy Development: By associating sounds with visual cues, these cards not only improve speech but also kickstart the journey into early literacy and emerging reader skills. Get Your Set Today: The Bjorem Speech® BIG Box of Sound Cues is an essential resource for any professional or caregiver focused on developing robust speech and language abilities in children. To learn more about how these sound cues can transform your educational or therapeutic practices, or to make a purchase, please visit our Bjorem Speech® products page.
Speech Therapy Picture Cards Bjorem Speech Sound Cues
Bjorem Speech Sound Cues $60.00
Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Product #: 56000 Description: Overview: The Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues Deck is an essential educational tool crafted by certified speech-language pathologists to enhance speech and language development in children. This deck is a cornerstone resource for supporting early language learners, individuals with speech sound disorders, and children diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech. Key Features: Comprehensive Content: The deck comprises 40 robust cards, each representing one of the 25 consonants or 16 vowels. The cards are adorned with vivid, engaging illustrations that visually represent each sound, facilitating easier auditory-visual association for children. Thoughtful Design: Each card measures 2.56" x 2.56" and features a soft matte texture to reduce glare, making them suitable for children with visual sensitivities. The back of each card includes a descriptive narrative and colorful imagery to support comprehension and retention. Educational Value: Developed based on evidence-based practices, these cards are instrumental in fostering phonological awareness and early literacy skills. They emphasize learning sounds over letters, which is crucial in the early stages of speech development. Versatile Use: Designed for flexibility, these cards can be integrated into a variety of educational and therapeutic activities, including reading programs, classroom settings, play-based therapy, and structured drill work. They are a perfect complement to any speech therapy program. Age-Appropriate Learning: The cards are suitable for use with children starting from 18 months old, making them an excellent choice for early intervention strategies. Benefits: Enhanced Learning Experience: By linking visual cues with sounds, these cards help children develop a foundational understanding of speech sounds, crucial for their language development journey. Supports Diverse Learning Needs: Ideal for children with various learning and speech challenges, including those with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively. Engaging and Interactive: With colorful and intuitive designs, the cards maintain children’s interest and engagement, making learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Additional Resources: For further insights and creative ways to use the Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues Deck in therapy sessions or at home, visit our YouTube channel and Blog for tutorials, tips, and more.
[title]Box of S, R, L Clusters Bundle [title]Box of S, R, L Clusters Bundle
Box of S, R, L Clusters Bundle Sound Cue Cards $59.00
Bjorem Speech® Box of S, R, and L Clusters Bundle - Sound Cue Cards Product #55030 Elevate your speech therapy resources with the Bjorem Speech® Box of S, R, and L Clusters Bundle, a meticulously curated set specifically designed to target the complex and crucial /s/, /ɹ/, and /l/ clusters. Ideal for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents, this bundle is essential for addressing the articulation challenges associated with these consonant clusters in initial word positions. Product Features: Targeted Cluster Practice: Each box in the bundle focuses on one type of cluster—/s/, /ɹ/, or /l/, providing 40 cards per box that offer targeted practice on these critical speech sounds in their initial positions. Comprehensive Learning Tools: The set features a total of 120 cards, each containing functional, diverse targets that facilitate correct sound production and enhance phonetic development across a broad range of contexts. Inclusive and Engaging Artwork: The cards are adorned with motivating and inclusive illustrations, reflecting a variety of scenes and characters to engage children and promote an understanding of diverse realities. High-Quality Design: Cards measure 2.56" x 2.56" and are crafted with a thick, soft matte texture, minimizing glare to ensure usability for children with vision impairments and providing durability for frequent handling. Benefits of Using This Bundle: Enhanced Speech Clarity: Focused on /s/, /ɹ/, and /l/ clusters, this bundle is crucial for developing clear and effective communication skills, particularly in tackling the complexities of consonant clusters. Supports Multiple Learning Objectives: Beyond phoneme practice, these decks support broader language development goals such as literacy, story building, and complex sound differentiation. Interactive and Functional: The functional targets and relatable artwork not only draw children into the learning process but also encourage them to use these sounds in various communicative contexts, promoting active learning and retention. Educators: Perfect for integrating detailed phoneme awareness into classroom activities and literacy programs. Parents and Caregivers: Offers valuable resources for reinforcing therapy goals and supporting language development at home. Box of L Clusters: blue, blocks, blanket, black, blink, blizzard, slide, slope, slither, slip, slug, slow, sleep, slimy, clean, closet, clap, close, claw, clock, clicker, climb, cloud, fly, flap, flame, flower, floss, float, flute, glue, glass, glitter, glove, globe, gloomy, planet, plane, play, please, plant, plow Box of S Clusters: skunk, skating, scoop, scarf, skull, scare, squeal, scream, scuba, mask, lobster, skip, skirt, slide, slippery, slug, slimy, sled, sledding, smell, stinky, smoke, smoky, smash, small, smile, smirk, snickering, snow, snowflake, snail, slime, snack, snap peas, snuggle, snooze, sleep, snoring, snake, sneeze, stop, stop sign, stopped, sticking, sticker, story, stamp, sticky, postage, post office, stone, step, stairs, staircase, monster, dentist, swing, swinging, swaying, swan, swimming, swamp, sweep, sweater, swimming, swamp, swat, swoop, sponge, space, spaceship, stars, spoon, speech, speaking, spooky, spider Box of R Clusters: brain, brown, bread, broom, breakfast, bridge, crane, cranking, cry, cranky, crayon, creepy, crawler, creek, crazy, green, grass, grasshopper, ground, grapes, growing, groceries, grill, grate, grumpy, grouchy, grizzly, grumble, growl, drive, drawing, dress, dragon, drumming, drum, drink, dribble, dream, dreamy, drowsy, drop, drill, pretty, princess, bracelet, prince, pretzel, practice, print, proofread, proud, present, prize, price, frown, frustrated, fresh, fruit, friend, frozen, freezing, Friday, frog, freckles, friendly, friends, frisbee, tropical, tree, trunk, truck, trouble, treasure, train, tracks, triangle, trampoline, tractor
Multisyllabic Words Multisyllabic Words
Box of Sounds in a Book Download $65.00
THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. THE DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU AND IS AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Product Number 20007 Bjorem Speech Box of Sounds in a Book Download is exactly what you have been waiting for. 135 pages of black & white reproducible beautiful, functional, relevant, diverse target word pages. Each sound page includes 9 targets with 5 practice bubbles. This book is perfect for group practice, homework, getting multiple repetitions. You may take this file and print in book form for your personal use. ***This is single use only, please purchase as many copies needed for users of this product. Discounts applied for multiple licenses.*** What's included? Single word level targets for the following cagegories: *Syllable Shapes *Multisyllabic Words *Vowels *Initial, Medial, Final Sound Positions *Clusters * /ɹ/ Targets *Data Collection Sheets ***This Stimulus Book is licensed for single use only. This means that this resource is licensed for use and viewing to the person that purchased it. You may not purchase one copy for an entire clinic or school. Please contact us for multi-use license cost. Please report any misuse of this product to hello@bjoremspeech.com NO REFUNDS or RETURNS ALLOWED
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Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy [title]Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy
Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy $48.00 $60.00
Bjorem Speech® Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy Product #56100 Unlock the potential of phonemic awareness and literacy with the Bjorem Speech® Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy, a comprehensive tool designed to enhance both speech sound production and linguistic comprehension. These cues are essential for any educational setting, particularly beneficial for speech-language pathologists, reading specialists, and educators. Great for kids age 3 and up! Key Features: Focused on Phonemic Contrast: The Contrast Cues effectively utilize the multiple and maximal oppositions approaches to highlight differences between minimal pairs, which helps clarify the distinct meanings that similar sounds can produce in different words. Initial Position Emphasis: Each cue targets new sounds in the initial position of words, showcasing how subtle changes in phonemes can lead to entirely new and different words, thus enhancing a learner's phonetic and phonological skills. Comprehensive Phonological Support: Beyond speech sound production, these cues aid in teaching how sounds correlate with letters and how these form rimes that create word families, crucial for developing phonological awareness and spelling skills. 22 initial consonant onsets 58 rime cue cards Benefits: Enhances Linguistic Functionality: By demonstrating the linguistic function of phonemes, the Contrast Cues deepen understanding of language structure, aiding in more effective communication and literacy skills. Supports Diverse Learning Goals: Whether focusing on motor skills involved in speech production or the cognitive aspects of spelling and phonics, these cues offer versatile applications to meet a range of educational objectives. Promotes Phonological Awareness: These cues are particularly effective in helping learners recognize patterns within words, fostering skills necessary for reading fluency and spelling accuracy. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists Reading Specialists and Literacy Coaches Educators in Elementary and Special Education Settings The Bjorem Speech® Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy are not just tools but partners in the journey towards comprehensive language education, making them indispensable in any setting focused on developing articulate and literate individuals. SOUNDS Like Word List: ayy, eee, eye, oh, oo, aw, ahh, ock, opp, ott, ab, ad, ack, ann, ap, ash, at, aid, ache, ail, ape, ate, ace, ane, aim, aze, ave, all, air, eef, eek, eel, eem, eat, eep, ear, ed, ell, end, est, et, ick, ig, in, ip, it, ice, ide, ine, ite, oak, oat, oop, oze, oan, oy, ore, ump Explore how these contrast cues can transform your educational practices by visiting www.bjoremspeech.com. Enhance your teaching arsenal with Bjorem Speech®, where advanced educational tools meet practical application.
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[title]Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy POSTER - Download [title]Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy POSTER - Download
Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy POSTER - Download $7.50 $12.00
THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. THE DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU AND IS AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Product #20000 The Contrast Cues for Speech and Literacy download only poster by Carol Koch is a MUST HAVE companion for the Contrast Cues for Speech and Literacy Cards!  The poster is a quick reference for identifying client-specific contrasts for each approach:  minimal, maximal, and multiple oppositions contrasts.  Quickly identify the onsets and the rimes to use in intervention that are most appropriate for each client.  There is a chart that identifies at least 700 true words that are created with the cards when onsets and rimes are combined.  Another chart identifies phonemes that when contrasted in therapy are considered to be maximal oppositions contrasts.  And one last chart for support in identifying the number of feature contrasts between two phonemes when selecting minimal opposition contrasts. Truly – a MUST HAVE COMPANION to the Contrast Cues! Product Details: Download Only Poster size: 18x24 - take and print Smaller size: 8.5x11 - print a smaller version  This product is licensed for single use only. This means that this resource is licensed for use and viewing to the person that purchased it.  *This product is a download and is not returnable* ©bjoremspeech 2023 www.bjoremspeech.com Bjorem Speech® *read terms of use
[title]Cycles Intervention: Initial & Final Consonant Deletion Phonology Targets [title]Cycles Intervention: Initial & Final Consonant Deletion Phonology Targets
Cycles Intervention: Initial & Final Consonant Deletion Phonology Targets $45.00
Purchase the Cycles Bundle #1 for a Discount Product #54500 Introduce a precise and effective method for addressing phonological deficits with the Bjorem Speech® Cycles Intervention: Initial & Final Consonant Deletion Phonology Targets. Developed by Amy Graham, this tool is an essential part of the Cycles approach, an evidence-based phonological intervention designed by Hodson & Paden in 1991. It is specifically tailored for speech-language pathologists who work with highly unintelligible children exhibiting moderate to severe phonological challenges. Product Features: Comprehensive Phonology Targets: Includes 60 meticulously chosen targets to address initial and final consonant deletion, fundamental areas where young speakers often exhibit difficulties. Phonetically Facilitated Context: Each target within the deck has been strategically selected to ensure it provides a phonetically facilitated context, which aids in easier acquisition and articulation of challenging sounds. Engaging Artwork: Features engaging, child-friendly artwork on each card to captivate children’s interest and promote a high number of practice trials during therapy sessions. Dual-Purpose Design: While primarily focused on cueing accurate sound production, these cards also serve as an effective tool for enhancing phonemic awareness, an essential skill for reading readiness. Benefits of Using This Deck: Targeted Phonological Intervention: Directly addresses specific phonological errors such as initial and final consonant deletions, which are critical for the clarity of speech. Evidence-Based Practice: Employs the Cycles approach, known for its effectiveness in creating significant improvements in speech intelligibility through systematic, targeted practice. Increased Engagement: The visually appealing cards are designed to keep children engaged, facilitating sustained attention and effort throughout therapy sessions. Enhanced Learning Outcomes: By focusing on phonetically facilitated contexts, children are more likely to generalize learned sounds into their everyday speech, enhancing overall communicative effectiveness. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists specializing in pediatric speech disorders. Educational settings where children with speech sound disorders are supported. Parents and caregivers looking for at-home supplements to professional speech therapy. Great for ages 3-7 years with phonological deficits The Bjorem Speech® Cycles Intervention: Initial & Final Consonant Deletion Phonology Targets is more than just a therapeutic tool; it is a pathway to clearer communication for children with significant phonological deficits. By integrating these targeted interventions into your practice, you can provide a robust foundation for the development of accurate speech patterns and enhanced phonemic awareness. For more information on how to integrate this innovative tool into your therapeutic strategies, visit www.grahamspeechtherapy.com. Empower your speech therapy sessions with Bjorem Speech®, where evidence-based practice meets engaging, effective intervention.  
[title]Minimal Pairs: Gliding Minimal Pairs: Gliding
Minimal Pairs: Gliding $40.00
Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs: Gliding Product #55015 Purchase the Minimal Pairs Bundle for a Discount Introduce a targeted approach to speech sound disorders therapy with the Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs: Gliding deck, meticulously crafted to assist children with mild to moderate phonological impairments in overcoming the common phonological process of gliding. Great for children 3 years of age and over!  Product Features: Comprehensive Target Set: Includes 58 cards total, with 50 minimal pair cards that directly address gliding of liquids like 'r' vs. 'w', 'l' vs. 'w', and 'l' vs. 'y'. Versatile Phonetic Contexts: Features words in the initial position and clusters, offering a broad range of examples to facilitate learning and application. Engaging Design: Cards are sized at 2.56" x 2.56" and constructed with a thick, soft matte texture, ensuring durability and reducing glare to accommodate children with vision impairments. Flexible Learning Options: Tailored Therapy Approaches: Supports both the perception-production and meaningful minimal pairs approaches, allowing customization of the intervention to better suit the individual needs of each child. Customizable Treatment Sets: Enables therapists to determine the number of minimal pairs used, target specific sounds or a range of sounds, and expand the treatment set according to the progress and needs of the child. Interactive Learning Sessions: Encourages an engaging and dynamic therapy environment. Utilize the color-coding on the back of the cards for an easy match-up of pairs and quick identification of related sounds during interactive sessions. Benefits of Using This Deck: Effective Phonological Remediation: Directly targets gliding, a common issue in speech development, helping children differentiate between liquids and glides, crucial for enhancing speech intelligibility. Increased Engagement and Practice: The visually appealing cards capture children's interest, promoting extensive practice and interaction, which is essential for mastering new speech patterns. Adaptable for Various Settings: Perfect for use in diverse environments, including clinical, educational, and home settings, enhancing its utility and effectiveness across different contexts. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists seeking specialized tools for effective phonological intervention. Educators and therapists in settings that require focused resources for teaching correct sound production. Parents and caregivers looking for professional-grade materials to support their child's speech development at home. The Bjorem Speech® Minimal Pairs: Gliding deck is more than just a teaching aid; it is a comprehensive solution designed to address specific phonological challenges effectively. Equip your therapeutic practice with this essential tool to facilitate significant improvements in speech development. Discover more about this and other innovative phonological tools at www.adventuresinspeechpathology.com. With Bjorem Speech®, transform speech challenges into opportunities for significant growth and effective communication.
Multisyllabic Words [title]Multisyllabic Words
Multisyllabic Words $45.00
Bjorem Speech® Multisyllabic Words Deck  Product #60075 Elevate your speech therapy sessions with the Bjorem Speech® Multisyllabic Words Deck, meticulously crafted to enhance speech sound production through the exploration of complex word shapes and structures. This deck is an indispensable tool for children with speech sound disorders and childhood apraxia of speech, providing a pathway to mastering challenging multisyllabic words. Contains 78 cards for a total of 281 target words. Each card contains multiple targets and each target is color coded on the back to easily identify the number of syllables in the word.  Key Features: Comprehensive Coverage: Each card presents multiple target words, ranging from 2 to 6 syllables, allowing for progressive training from simpler to more complex structures. Educational Impact: Designed to advance phonological and articulatory skills by introducing children to multisyllabic words that require intricate movement patterns and timing. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) Special Education Professionals Parents seeking supplemental speech practice at home With the Bjorem Speech® Multisyllabic Words Deck, speech therapy becomes a more dynamic, effective, and inclusive experience. Discover the joy and success of enhancing speech capabilities in children who face various linguistic challenges. For additional resources and to explore more about our speech therapy products, visit our website at www.bjoremspeech.com or contact us directly to enhance your therapeutic toolkit.
[title]Oral Motor Assessment [title]Oral Motor Assessment
Oral Motor Assessment $79.99
Bjorem Speech® Oral Motor Assessment Cards Product #60092 Discover the Bjorem Oral Motor Assessment Cards: an innovative and essential tool crafted specifically for speech pathologists. These visually engaging cards simplify the process of conducting thorough oral motor examinations, designed with child-friendly instructions that cater to the young clientele. Key Features: Child-Centric Design: Each card features vibrant, engaging illustrations and simple instructions that encourage children to participate actively and joyfully in the assessment. Interactive Experience: Our cards transform the assessment into a fun, interactive session. Children are prompted to mimic various animal expressions, turning what could be a challenging experience into a playful interaction. Benefits: By making the assessment process enjoyable, children are more likely to participate fully, providing more accurate and reliable results. The straightforward and clear directions reduce confusion and anxiety, making it easier for both the pathologist and the child. These assessments foster a positive rapport between the child and the therapist, crucial for effective therapy and assessment sessions. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists Early Childhood Educators Clinics and Pediatric Therapy Centers With the Bjorem Speech® Oral Motor Assessment Cards, speech pathologists can ensure that each assessment is not only productive but also a positive experience that children look forward to. Transform your approach to oral motor examinations with this playful, effective solution. To learn more about how to integrate these cards into your practice, visit www.bjoremspeech.com or contact us for further details and support.
R Coarticulation [title]R Coarticulation
R Coarticulation $50.00
Bjorem Speech R Coarticulation Deck Product #60072 Introducing the Bjorem Speech® R Coarticulation Deck, expertly designed by Lindsey Hockel of Speechy Things, a recognized R sound specialist. This deck is a must-have tool for speech-language pathologists looking to enhance their therapy sessions with effective coarticulation strategies for the challenging /ɹ/ sound. Key Features: Diverse Card Types: The deck comprises seven distinct types of cards, including Initial R, Final ar, Final ear, Final ire, Final air, Final er, and Final or. This variety allows therapists to address the various articulatory challenges associated with the /ɹ/ sound in all positions. Coarticulation Strategies: By strategically combining Initial R cards with Final R cards, therapists can create a range of Medial R words. This technique helps bridge the gap between different vocalic and consonantal contexts, facilitating smoother transitions and more natural /ɹ/ sound production. Comprehensive Coverage: The deck includes cards for Initial R, Final R, and all forms of Vocalic R, ensuring comprehensive coverage of /ɹ/ sounds within the English language. This makes it an invaluable resource for targeting specific phonetic contexts in therapy. Practical Applications: Ideal for one-on-one therapy sessions, group activities, or home practice, the deck supports a variety of learning environments. Its versatile design makes it suitable for learners of all ages, from children just beginning to work on the /ɹ/ sound to adults refining their articulation. Engaging Illustrations: Each card features a vivid, engaging illustration that not only captures the learner's interest but also provides a visual cue that reinforces the sound’s pronunciation and context. Quality and Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials, the cards are designed to withstand frequent handling, making them a durable addition to any speech therapy toolkit. The Bjorem Speech® R Coarticulation Deck is an essential resource for any speech-language pathologist dedicated to mastering the complexities of the /ɹ/ sound. Its strategic design and practical functionality make it an excellent choice for enhancing articulation therapy and ensuring seamless speech development. For more information or to purchase this innovative tool, visit Bjorem Speech® R Coarticulation Deck. Cards are 2.56"x2.56" Additional Resources  Ways to Use R Coarticulation in Speech Therapy Video What's Inside the Box? Which R Deck is Right For Me?
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[title]Teaching Idioms in Context Teaching Idioms in Context
Teaching Idioms in Context $52.00 $65.00
Teaching Idioms in Context Product #60073 Elevate language learning and comprehension skills with the Bjorem Speech® "Teaching Idioms in Context" Deck. This innovative tool is designed to enhance the understanding of idiomatic expressions, which are pivotal for both academic and social success. Given their frequent use in spoken and written language, mastering idioms is crucial for effective communication and literacy. Key Features: The deck features 24 widely used idiomatic expressions such as "In a pickle," "Skating on thin ice," and "Throw in the towel." Each card is illustrated to depict both the literal and figurative meanings of the idiom, making it easier for children to grasp the concept and application of these phrases. Each card includes a short story that contextualizes the idiom, accompanied by vivid illustrations that clarify its usage and meaning. This storytelling approach helps embed the idiomatic expressions in memory by linking them to relatable scenarios. Comprehension Checks: To ensure effective learning, each card comes with comprehension questions that assess understanding and encourage critical thinking about the idioms' meanings and uses. Create-Your-Own Card: This unique feature allows educators and learners to add idiomatic expressions that are specific to their cultural or local contexts, enhancing the deck’s relevance and application. Assessment Tools: The deck includes methods to evaluate progress through pretests and posttests, as well as ongoing knowledge checks that help measure retention and understanding of the idioms over time. Versatile Use: Perfect for use in individual sessions, group activities, or classroom settings, this deck is a valuable resource for speech-language pathologists, teachers, and parents aiming to develop children’s language skills.   The Bjorem Speech® "Teaching Idioms in Context" Deck is an indispensable addition to any educational toolkit, fostering deeper understanding and fluent use of idiomatic language. This deck not only teaches idioms but also builds the foundation for advanced language and literacy skills. For more information or to purchase this essential resource, visit Bjorem Speech® Teaching Idioms in Context. Box Size: 5.12”x5.12” Additional Resources Teaching Idioms in Context with Dr. Stefanie Martelle YouTube Video Teaching Idioms in Context Supplemental Information
Teletherapy Checklist
Teletherapy Checklist for Parents - Download $1.25
Teletherapy Checklist
Teletherapy Checklist for Therapists $1.25
Time Timer® TWIST Time Timer® TWIST
Time Timer® TWIST $21.95
Timer Product Description The 90-minute TWIST® is an easy-to-use and fun time management tool great for kids and adults. To use, simply turn the outer ring until you get to your desired time, then push the play button. A digital display shows at a glance how much time remains. A magnetic back makes the TWIST® a snap to display. Easily attaches to metallic surfaces for ease of use and versatile placement options.   At home use the TWIST® for everything from keeping kids’ morning and bedtime routines on task to timing homework, study sessions, or baking the perfect batch of cookies. In the classroom, it’s great for everything from timing tests and turn-taking exercises to timing group activities to helping kids with special needs stay on task. In the office, use it to keep track of presentations, team-building activities, and more.  The 3.5” x 1” circular digital timer is a time management tool from Time Timer®, maker of the most clear and accurate visual timers around. A tested and trusted brand, it’s the preferred time management resource for teachers and other professionals. Don’t settle for lower quality imitations. Up to 90-Minute Visual Timer - This small digital visual timer allows you to set the duration anywhere between 1 to 90 minutes. Once set, the entire disk will represent the duration you choose! Magnetic Back - A magnetic back makes the TWIST® a snap to display. Easily attach it to metallic surfaces from refrigerators and file cabinets to the whiteboard in your classroom, kitchen, or home. Fun Twist Function - To use, simply turn the outer ring until you get to your desired time, then push the play button. Continuous Alert - Unlike our other Time Timer visual timers, the Time Timer TWIST® has a continuous alert at the end of the duration to ensure you don't miss it. The alert can be stopped by pressing the Play/Pause button, or will stop after 1 minute of beeping. Pause During Countdown - Need to take a break half way through your timed event? Pause your timer during the countdown by pressing the play/pause button. Countdown will continue where you left off by pressing the play/pause button again.