[title]BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues
BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues $75.00
Big Box of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues YOU DO NOT NEED THE EXPANSION PACK IF PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT NOW! Product #57500 The Bjorem Speech® BIG Box of Sound Cues is the same as the small original deck, just BIGGER! This deck offers sound associations to support the development of speech sound production and phonological awareness. This deck is perfectly suited for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents aiming to enhance speech sound and early literacy development. Key Features: Extensive Content: The BIG Box includes 40 oversized cards, covering 25 consonants and 14 vowels with two vowel sort cards. It also features two vowel sort cards essential for targeting specific speech sounds and their positions during therapy sessions. Large-Format Design: Each card measures 5.12" x 5.12", designed to facilitate easy handling in group settings, during gross motor activities, and in teletherapy environments. The large size ensures visibility and interactivity for all participants. Specialized Materials: The cards are made with a thick, soft matte finish to minimize glare, making them ideal for children with vision impairments and suitable for a variety of lighting conditions. Versatile Functionality: Developed using evidence-based practices, these sound cue cards are adaptable across multiple settings, from drill work to classroom integration and play-based therapy. Their versatility makes them an invaluable addition to any educational or therapeutic program. Educational Impact: Beyond aiding in speech therapy, these cards serve as a bridge to early literacy by helping children visually connect with sounds, fostering foundational reading and spelling skills. Benefits: Enhanced Learning Opportunities: These sound cues support engaging, effective, and inclusive speech therapy sessions, promoting better learning outcomes and enhanced communication skills. Support for Diverse Learning Environments: Whether used in a traditional classroom, a therapeutic setting, or at home, these cards adapt to various learning contexts, supporting a wide range of educational goals. Foundational Literacy Development: By associating sounds with visual cues, these cards not only improve speech but also kickstart the journey into early literacy and emerging reader skills. Get Your Set Today: The Bjorem Speech® BIG Box of Sound Cues is an essential resource for any professional or caregiver focused on developing robust speech and language abilities in children. To learn more about how these sound cues can transform your educational or therapeutic practices, or to make a purchase, please visit our Bjorem Speech® products page.
[title]Slant Stand®
Slant Stand® $32.99
Product #BSP-slant Bjorem Speech has partnered with Slant Stand®. This Slant Stand® comes with the Slant Stand® dry erase board, a 1/2 mirror, two double clips and a dry erase marker that clips onto the stand. Your Slant Stand® will arrive in a canvas drawstring bag. This slant stand has been a life saver and partners well with any of the Bjorem Speech Cards! Two clips allow for holding two cards for discrimination or combining two sounds. The mirror allows for visual feedback while the white board can be used to pair letters with sounds or literacy work. So many ideas!  NOT INCLUDED IN ANY DISCOUNTS OR SALES.
[title]Growth Mindset Poster - Download [title]Growth Mindset Poster - Download
Growth Mindset Poster - Download $4.50
THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. THE DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU AND IS AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Product Number 20009 Growth Mindset is important even for our littlest clients! This poster is full of sayings that will remind you and families to make 'the shift' away from external motivation language to internal motivation language. These are my favorite phrases to use in therapy and to teach families even for my littlest kids! Download this poster today and hang it up to provide that visual reminder of what you need to be saying to your clients. This printable growth mindset poster for classrooms is great for families too! DOWNLOAD ONLY Poster can be printed 24"x 36"4.  *This product is a download and is not returnable* ©bjoremspeech 2023 www.bjoremspeech.com Bjorem Speech® *read terms of use TAX EXEMPT: If you are a tax exempt company wishing to make a tax exempt purchase, please send your tax exempt certificate to us at support@bjoremspeech.com and we can discuss your options for tax exempt purchasing with Bjorem Speech. Reach out to us BEFORE placing any orders on our online store, as we are unable to refund taxes after the purchase has been completed. If you are tax exempt purchasing with a purchase order, please upload your purchase order and tax exempt form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjM4-5dNpzgkdfBhAoo2Ti2pnwyKRZk5UbkR82Pq0QbSF1mA/viewform
Time Timer® Original 8” Time Timer® Original 8”
Time Timer® Original 8” $36.95
If you've been a Time Timer fan for years, you'll notice the sleek improvements that have been made to the Time Timer Original.  - Large red disk- Large easy-to-read numbers- Clear protective lens cover- Magnetic Back - Included Dry Erase Activity Card to label stations in the classroom, for time-to-task management, or for first/then activities- Included Bonus Activity Cards in packaging depicting common activities like Screen Time and Meal Time- Bonus! Included Download Code for the Time Timer Desktop App ($19.95 Retail Value) 60-Minute Visual Timer: Sized perfectly for tabletops, whiteboards, or small group settings. Ideal for Small to Medium sized groups or rooms. Clinically Proven & Trusted: This is the original visual timer, invented over 25 years ago by Jan Rogers. Proven through years of experience, in addition to clinical research, the Time Timer helps everyone, of all ages and abilities, "see" time, therefore increasing focus and self-regulation.  Magnetic and Stand-Alone:   Strong magnets allow the Time Timer Original 8" to be displayed on a markerboard, refrigerator, file cabinet, or any metallic material, but it can also stand alone or hang on the wall.  Free Time Timer Desktop App Download Code:  Includes a free download of the Time Timer Desktop App. Code included on card in package.  Included Dry Erase Activity Card: The Dry Erase Activity Card slots into the top of the timer, allowing you to write or draw the timed activity. The Time Timer Original 8" can fit up to 2 Dry Erase Activity Cards across the top, making it perfect for First/Then Activities and Visual Schedules.  Intuitive Assistive Tech:   Time Timer believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities to conquer time - in the classroom, in the home, and in the office. While time can be a challenge for differently abled people, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that make a real difference. Product Description The Time Timer Original 8” is an ideal 60-minute countdown timer for individuals or small groups. The visual timer has a clear lens that protects the patented red disk. With its magnetic back and foldable feet, the timer can be displayed a multitude of ways. It's perfect for a workspace at home or in the classroom or the office.  Included with the Time Timer 8" is one 3x3 inch Dry Erase Activity card that can be slotted into the top of the timer for visual schedules and time-to-task management. The Time Timer Original 8" can fit up to two Dry Erase Activity Cards across the top, making it perfect for First/Then Activities and Visual Schedules. Additional Dry Erase Cards can be purchased separately.  Looking for a different size? Check out the Time Timer Original 3" and Original 12". One-Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee   Features Include: An on/off switch for the audible alert, for any time you need to hear the beep or prefer silence. No loud ticking A glare-free lens protects the colored disk Size: 7.5" x 7.5" Two AA batteries required for operation (not included)