Box of F Speech Sound Cards

$19.99 USD

Box of F Speech Sound Cards

$19.99 USD
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Product description

Bjorem Speech® Box of F

Product #52102

Unlock the potential of phonetic learning with the Bjorem Speech® Box of F, a robust educational toolkit designed to target /f/ across initial, medial, and final word positions. This set is perfect for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents looking to enhance speech clarity, literacy skills, and story building through fun and engaging means. Great for kids 3 and up!

Product Features:

  • Extensive Phoneme Coverage: The box contains 40 cards, each featuring over 40 targets that ensure thorough practice and mastery of /f/.

  • Diverse and Functional Targets: Includes a broad range of words such as "feet," "family," "coffee," "giraffe," and "woof," offering rich phonetic contexts for enhancing articulation and language skills.

  • Inclusive and Engaging Artwork: Every card showcases vibrant, diverse illustrations that engage children and promote an inclusive learning environment.

  • High-Quality Design: Cards measure 2.56" x 2.56" and are printed on thick, soft matte material to minimize glare, making them accessible for children with vision impairments and durable for frequent handling.

Benefits of Using This Deck:

  • Enhanced Speech Clarity: Specifically focuses on /f/, crucial for developing clear and effective communication skills in young learners.

  • Supports Multiple Learning Objectives: Beyond phoneme practice, the deck supports story building, literacy enhancement, and broader language development, making it a multifunctional tool in any educational or therapeutic setting.

  • Interactive and Functional: The functional targets and relatable artwork not only draw children into the learning process but also encourage them to use these words in various communicative contexts, promoting active learning and retention.

Ideal for:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists: Provides a specialized tool to address specific phonological challenges effectively.

  • Educators: Perfect for integrating phoneme awareness into classroom activities and literacy programs.

  • Parents and Caregivers: Offers a valuable resource for reinforcing therapy goals and supporting language development at home.

The Bjorem Speech® Box of F is more than just a set of flashcards; it's a strategic educational toolkit designed to address specific speech sound challenges while enriching vocabulary and storytelling skills. Equip your practice or educational program with this box and witness significant improvements in speech development.

Discover more about the Box of F and other specialized resources by visiting With Bjorem Speech®, transform speech challenges into opportunities for significant growth and effective communication.

Cards Include: feet, fingers, fork, fire, fairy, fox, fat, fish, puffer, food, fast, fan, family, ferrets, four, figs, furry, football, funny, face, five, phone, father, elephant, breakfast, muffin, laughing, buffalo, traffic, coffee, alphabet, taffy, waffle, before, headphones, roof, knife, giraffe, leaf, wolf, huff, puff, half, cough, chef, calf, poof, woof, tough, golf

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