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Wooden Writing & Counting Trays $41.99
Introducing our Beautiful Number Trays Set, an engaging and multifunctional educational tool designed for toddler and preschoolers' numeracy development. This set is perfect for introducing young learners to the world of numbers in a playful and interactive way.Key Features:Versatile Learning Tool: Each tray in the set represents numbers, offering a hands-on approach to learning basic numeracy skills like writing and counting.Multiple Learning Activities: These trays can be used in various ways to enhance learning. Fill them with sand for sensory writing and tracing of numbers, or use different materials for counting exercises.Creative Play Options: Beyond numeracy skills, these trays serve as a platform for imaginative play. Fill them with colorful sands or play dough for a fun and tactile experience, reinforcing number recognition in a creative manner.Safe and Sustainable Materials: Crafted from high-quality Rubberwood and finished with natural, child-safe oils, these trays are safe for children and environmentally friendly.Ideal for Early Numeracy Education: Whether for use at home, in daycares, or in preschool classrooms, these number trays are an excellent resource for teaching young children the fundamentals of numbers and counting.With these Beautiful Number Trays Set from Qtoys, learning about numbers becomes an interactive, enjoyable, and enriching experience for toddlers. Dive into the fun of numbers!
[title]Wooden Writing & Spelling Trays [title]Wooden Writing & Spelling Trays
Wooden Writing & Spelling Trays $39.99
Introduce your toddlers to the exciting world of literacy with our Wooden Writing and Spelling Trays. This beautifully crafted alphabet tray set is a versatile tool designed to make learning fun and engaging for young children. Key Features:Engaging Design: Each tray features all the letters of the alphabet, allowing children to explore writing, spelling, and letter recognition in a tactile way.Multiple Uses: These trays offer a variety of learning activities. Fill them with sand for sensory writing and tracing experiences, or use them for spelling practice by prompting words. Creative Play: Beyond literacy, the trays can be used with colorful sands or play dough, turning them into a delightful sensory play activity that also reinforces alphabet knowledge. Safe and Sustainable Materials: All our trays are made from high-quality Rubberwood and are finished with natural, child-safe oils, ensuring a safe play environment. Ideal for Early Education: Whether in a home, daycare, or classroom setting, these trays are perfect for helping toddlers develop foundational literacy skills through play.With these Wooden Writing and Spelling Trays, learning the alphabet, practicing writing, and spelling becomes an enjoyable and enriching experience for your child. Discover the joy of learning with Qtoys!