[title]Squaregles Castle Building Set [title]Squaregles Castle Building Set
Squaregles Castle Building Set $59.99
Product #11902 Embark on a Magical Speech and Language Adventure with Squaregles Castle Building Set and Bjorem Speech Cards Prepare for an enchanting journey where creativity and communication unite as the Squaregles Castle Building Set meets the engaging world of Bjorem Speech cards. This captivating fusion invites you to explore the realms of play-based speech and language therapy like never before. In the Squaregles Castle Building Set, you'll find an array of 38 mesmerizing pieces, each carefully selected to inspire imaginative play and language development. This set includes 2 charming characters equipped with accessories, battlements to fortify the castle's defenses, a 90-degree tube for secret passageways, and 14 magnetic frames that form the foundation of this magical world. The castle boasts a working drawbridge door, a captivating spiral staircase, and 2 majestic castle tops that come together to create a truly mystical scene. It's here, within the walls of this magnetic fortress, that Go and Rox, our fearless characters, engage in epic, whimsical battles, limited only by the bounds of your imagination. The marriage of the Squaregles Castle Building Set and Bjorem Speech cards opens up a world of storytelling and communication possibilities. The castle becomes the backdrop for endless narratives, as the Bjorem Speech cards serve as prompts to guide these captivating tales. It's an ideal setup for speech and language therapy, offering a unique and interactive platform to enhance communication skills. Whether you're a speech therapist, educator, or a parent looking to foster language development in a playful and engaging way, this combination of Squaregles and Bjorem Speech cards offers an extraordinary avenue for growth. The magnetic castle, with its drawbridge, staircase, and battlements, transforms into a canvas for imagination and speech enhancement. Join Go and Rox in their fantastical world, where the Squaregles Castle Building Set and Bjorem Speech cards come together to ignite the spark of creativity and communication. As you build, tell stories, and embark on adventures within these magnetic castle walls, you'll witness the transformation of speech therapy into an exciting and captivating experience. Explore the possibilities and embark on a journey of language and magic today! 38 pieces include:-14 Magnetic Square Frames-4 Magnetic Edge Frames-4 Paperboard Panels-2 Castle Topes-2 Square Battlements-2 Bridge Clips-2 Oggs Bodies-1 Balcony-1 Drawbridge-1 Spiral Staircase-1 90° Tube-1 Wizard Hat-1 Wizard Mask-1 Go Head -1 Rox Head
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[title]Squaregles Innovator Building Set [title]Squaregles Innovator Building Set
Squaregles Innovator Building Set $64.99
Product #11901 Unleash the Power of Playful Communication with Squaregles and Bjorem Speech CardsIntroducing the dynamic duo that combines the magic of Squaregles magnetic toys with the creativity of Bjorem Speech cards, offering an innovative approach to play-based speech and language therapy. Squaregles meet Bjorem Speech cards, where imagination knows no bounds.The Innovator Set is a harmonious blend of 53 captivating pieces, each carefully selected to amplify the joy of learning and communication. Within this extraordinary collection, you'll find 24 magnetic Squaregles frames and 14 panels, allowing you to flex your Squaregles muscles and craft a universe of distinctive structures and narratives with every assembly.Squaregles, with their magnetic allure, provide endless opportunities for hands-on exploration and imaginative play. Their unique, interlocking design not only promotes fine motor skills but also invites storytelling and communication to take center stage. With the Innovator Set, the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity, making it an ideal companion for speech and language therapy.Bjorem Speech cards, renowned for their effectiveness in speech and language development, seamlessly complement Squaregles' interactive nature. Together, they form a powerhouse of educational tools, encouraging communication and speech enhancement through play. The combination of these two dynamic elements takes speech therapy beyond the ordinary, fostering an engaging environment where individuals of all ages can flourish.Each Squaregles structure becomes a canvas for storytelling, and the Bjorem Speech cards act as prompts to guide the narrative journey. Whether you're a therapist, educator, or a parent, this innovative fusion promises an exciting, multidimensional approach to speech and language therapy.With Squaregles and Bjorem Speech cards in hand, you embark on a journey that not only strengthens language skills but also fuels the fires of creativity. As you build, connect, and communicate, the Innovator Set becomes a gateway to uncharted territories of expression and understanding. Join us in discovering the magic that happens when Squaregles meet Bjorem Speech cards, and watch as speech therapy transforms into an adventure of limitless potential. 2 Ogg heads, 1 Ogg body and 1 Ogg car to test out your tracks and create wild stories. 5 included paperboard panels so you can doodle your next piece.53 total Squareegles pieces including: 16 square frames5 small paperboard panels4 triangle frames4 edge frames4 bridge clips3 square panels2 triangle panels3 straight tracks1 ninety-degree turn track1 hole-in-one1 mega jump1 sixty-degree railing 1 sixty-degree turn track1 blue Oggs head (what's up, Bax!)1 red Oggs head (why hello, Wren!)1 dragon helmet1 unicorn helmet1 ramper1 green car1 two-legged body1 collectible Oggs comic card2 Oggs trading cards