Vowel Quadralateral Sticker
Vowel Quadralateral Sticker $4.99
Coming Soon! Enhance your speech therapy sessions with the Bjorem Speech® Vowel Quadrilateral Sticker! This high-quality vinyl sticker, measuring 5.1" x 3.8", is designed to provide a quick and easy reference for vowel sounds, transcription, and the distinction between rounded and unrounded vowels. Featuring the renowned Bjorem Speech Sound Cues along with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), this sticker is a valuable tool for both educators and therapists. The vibrant design not only aids in teaching vowel sounds effectively but also serves as a practical transcription guide. Key Features: Bjorem Speech Sound Cues: Engaging visual cues that are easy for children to relate to. IPA Transcriptions: Clear and concise representations for accurate phonetic transcription. Rounded/Unrounded Vowels: Quick reference to distinguish between rounded and unrounded vowel sounds. Durable Vinyl: High-quality material ensures long-lasting use without wear and tear. Ideal for classrooms, therapy sessions, or home use, the Bjorem Speech® Vowel Quadrilateral Sticker is an essential addition to any speech therapist’s toolkit. Make vowel learning fun and interactive while ensuring accurate pronunciation and transcription practices.