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Bjorem Speech R Coarticulation Deck Product #60072 Introducing the Bjorem Speech® R Coarticulation Deck, expertly designed by Lindsey Hockel of Speechy Things, a recognized R sound specialist. This deck is a must-have tool for speech-language pathologists looking to enhance their therapy sessions with effective coarticulation strategies for the challenging /ɹ/ sound. Key Features: Diverse Card Types: The deck comprises seven distinct types of cards, including Initial R, Final ar, Final ear, Final ire, Final air, Final er, and Final or. This variety allows therapists to address the various articulatory challenges associated with the /ɹ/ sound in all positions. Coarticulation Strategies: By strategically combining Initial R cards with Final R cards, therapists can create a range of Medial R words. This technique helps bridge the gap between different vocalic and consonantal contexts, facilitating smoother transitions and more natural /ɹ/ sound production. Comprehensive Coverage: The deck includes cards for Initial R, Final R, and all forms of Vocalic R, ensuring comprehensive coverage of /ɹ/ sounds within the English language. This makes it an invaluable resource for targeting specific phonetic contexts in therapy. Practical Applications: Ideal for one-on-one therapy sessions, group activities, or home practice, the deck supports a variety of learning environments. Its versatile design makes it suitable for learners of all ages, from children just beginning to work on the /ɹ/ sound to adults refining their articulation. Engaging Illustrations: Each card features a vivid, engaging illustration that not only captures the learner's interest but also provides a visual cue that reinforces the sound’s pronunciation and context. Quality and Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials, the cards are designed to withstand frequent handling, making them a durable addition to any speech therapy toolkit. The Bjorem Speech® R Coarticulation Deck is an essential resource for any speech-language pathologist dedicated to mastering the complexities of the /ɹ/ sound. Its strategic design and practical functionality make it an excellent choice for enhancing articulation therapy and ensuring seamless speech development. For more information or to purchase this innovative tool, visit Bjorem Speech® R Coarticulation Deck. Cards are 2.56"x2.56" Additional Resources  Ways to Use R Coarticulation in Speech Therapy Video What's Inside the Box? Which R Deck is Right For Me?