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Action Photo Cards Product #60099: 7.25"x4.5" cards PRESALE orders will ship in their entirety once the presale item is in stock. We estimate the product will ship beginning of September. If you are purchasing this item with another product, please order items separately if you want the other items shipped now. Check here for updated pre-order shipping dates Welcome and thank you for choosing the Bjorem x Speech Stars Branding Action Photo Card Deck, masterfully curated by Marcia Church. This deck is designed to be a modern, diverse, and inclusive educational tool, enhancing language therapy and learning across various settings. With the aim for every student to see themselves represented in the images, these cards are an exceptional resource for fostering language skills in children of all ages. Key Features: Rich Content: The deck features 67 high-quality photo cards, depicting over 100 actions. Each card is carefully selected to represent a wide range of everyday activities and cultural experiences, ensuring broad applicability and engagement. Educational Goals: These action cards are an invaluable asset for teaching various language concepts, including verb tenses, pronoun usage, and sentence expansion. They are specifically designed to improve both receptive and expressive language skills. Inclusive and Diverse: Diversity is at the heart of this deck, with photographs that include children from various backgrounds, ensuring that every student can identify with the images and feel included in the learning process. Versatile Use: Ideal for use in language therapy sessions, classrooms, or home schooling, these cards can be seamlessly integrated into existing programs or used as standalone tools to enhance language development. Benefits: Enhanced Language Comprehension and Expression: By engaging with the cards, children can improve their understanding and use of language in a fun and interactive way. Cultural and Social Inclusion: The diverse representation in the photos helps promote inclusivity, teaching children to appreciate and recognize a spectrum of cultural and social contexts. Skill Development: These cards are not just for language skills; they also help in social-emotional learning by identifying and discussing various human actions and interactions. Why Choose This Deck: The Bjorem x Speech Stars Branding Action Photo Cards by Marcia Church are more than just educational tools; they are a step towards more inclusive and comprehensive language learning. They provide a foundation for children to expand their linguistic abilities while seeing themselves reflected in their learning materials. Get Your Deck Today: Add the Bjorem x Speech Stars Branding Action Photo Cards to your educational toolkit to enrich your language therapy sessions or educational activities. For more information and to purchase this essential resource, please visit Bjorem Speech® products page. This deck ensures that every session is not only educational but also a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, crucial for developing well-rounded and culturally aware individuals. Age range: 10 months-16 years old