Cycles Intervention Bundle #2 [title]Cycles Intervention Bundle #2
Cycles Intervention Bundle #2 $128.25
Product #55010 Introducing the comprehensive Phonology Targets for Cycles Intervention Bundle #2 by Amy Graham, specifically tailored for use within the Cycles phonological therapy approach. These three meticulously designed decks are indispensable tools for speech-language pathologists targeting moderate to severe phonological disorders in children. Each deck focuses on a different phonological process or sound pattern, ensuring thorough and varied practice across a broad spectrum of phonological challenges. DECKS: Cycles Liquids & Glides: Addressing the refinement of liquids and glides, this deck offers 60 carefully selected targets. It facilitates the transition from easier to more complex liquid sounds in various syllable shapes. Cycles Singleton Stridents: With 55 targets, this deck targets the production of strident sounds such as /s/, /z/, and /ʃ/. These sounds are critical for clear speech and are often challenging for children with phonological impairments. Cycles Syllableness: This unique deck includes 60 targets aimed at improving polysyllabic word production. It helps children master compound and multisyllabic words, enhancing their speech fluency and complexity. Additional Benefits: Versatile Use: Each deck is designed to be used flexibly across different therapy settings, including individual sessions, groups, or at home under guidance, making them a versatile addition to any speech therapy program. Educational Value: These decks not only facilitate phonological development but also enhance related literacy skills, as mastering phonological patterns directly impacts reading and spelling abilities. Durable and User-Friendly: All cards are made from high-quality, durable materials suitable for frequent use. The clear, colorful illustrations and straightforward layout make them accessible and engaging for young learners. Great for ages 3-7 years with phonological deficits The Phonology Targets for Cycles Intervention decks by Amy Graham are essential resources for any speech-language pathologist committed to following the Cycles approach for phonological remediation. Their comprehensive coverage, practical design, and focus on crucial sound patterns make them a valuable investment in the speech and language development of children with phonological disorders.  Card: 2.56" x 2.56" Cues are a thick soft matte texture, they are not shiny or laminated so children with vision impairments do not get the glare.
[title]Cycles Intervention: Liquids & Glides Phonology Targets Cycles Intervention: Liquids & Glides Phonology Targets
Cycles Intervention: Liquids & Glides Phonology Targets $45.00
Purchase Cycles Bundle #2 for a Discount Product #55007 Enhance your speech therapy toolkit with the Bjorem Speech® Cycles Intervention: Liquids & Glides Phonology Targets, thoughtfully crafted by Amy Graham. This comprehensive deck is designed to aid speech-language pathologists in addressing the phonological challenges associated with liquids and glides, crucial elements for children who demonstrate moderate to severe phonological deficits. Product Features: Focused Phonological Targets: The deck includes 60 meticulously chosen targets specifically focusing on liquids (/l/, /r/) and glides (/w/, /j/), which are often challenging for children to articulate correctly. Strategically Selected Words: Each card contains target words carefully selected based on phonetically facilitated contexts to enhance learning and articulation. Syllable Structure Variety: Targets include CV and CVC syllable shapes, categorized by neighboring vowels to support diverse phonetic environments and improve phonological patterns. Accessible Design: Each card measures 2.56" x 2.56" and features a thick, soft matte finish to reduce glare, making them easy to use for children with vision impairments. Benefits of Using This Deck: Enhanced Speech Clarity: By focusing on liquids and glides, this deck helps children improve their pronunciation of these essential sounds, which are critical for clear speech. Evidence-Based Methodology: Utilizes the Cycles approach, a proven intervention strategy developed by Hodson & Paden in 1991, known for its effectiveness in treating phonological disorders. Engaging and Interactive: Vibrant and engaging artwork on each card captures the interest of children, promoting a high number of practice trials during therapy sessions. Dual Educational Purpose: In addition to improving speech sound production, the deck is designed to enhance phonemic awareness, an important skill that supports overall linguistic development. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists looking for a targeted tool to effectively treat phonological disorders related to liquids and glides. Educators and therapists who require specialized resources to support phonological interventions in classroom and clinical settings. Parents and caregivers seeking professional-grade materials to assist with speech development at home. Great for ages 3-7 years with phonological deficits The Bjorem Speech® Cycles Intervention: Liquids & Glides Phonology Targets deck offers a targeted approach to remediate common phonological issues effectively, making it an indispensable resource in any speech therapy program. Its careful selection of phonological targets ensures that each session is not only productive but also engaging for the child, facilitating rapid and lasting improvements in speech clarity. To learn more about how to incorporate this essential phonological tool into your practice, please visit With Bjorem Speech®, empower your therapy sessions and witness transformative improvements in your clients' phonological skills.