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Looking for the perfect gift for a speech-language pathologist (SLP), teacher, graduate, clinical fellow (CF), boss, student, or anyone passionate about speech therapy? A Bjorem Speech® Gift Card is the ideal choice! Our gift cards provide access to a wide range of inclusive, research-based, and fun speech therapy resources that cater to various needs and goals. Key Features: Versatile Use: Perfect for speech therapy professionals, educators, and students. Whether it's for a seasoned SLP, a new graduate, or a dedicated teacher, our gift card offers a wide selection of materials to enhance their practice. Diverse Products: From Bjorem Speech Sound Cue Cards to materials targeting childhood apraxia of speech, our catalog includes tools for articulation therapy, phonological awareness, and more. Inclusivity and Representation: Bjorem Speech® is committed to creating diverse and inclusive materials that ensure every child can say, "Hey, that looks like me!" Educational Value: Ideal for continuing education, our resources are designed to support evidence-based practices and innovative therapy approaches. Ease of Purchase: The gift card can be easily redeemed on our website, allowing the recipient to choose from physical products, downloads, and bundles.
[title]Calm Down Sensory Bottle [title]Calm Down Sensory Bottle
Calm Down Sensory Bottle $25.00
The DIY Calm Down Bottle by Jellystone Designs offers an innovative sensory experience tailored for children. This award-winning kit provides all the necessary components to craft a personalized sensory bottle. You simply need to add warm water and a bit of washing-up liquid to complete the setup. The design of this bottle allows for easy refilling and reusing, presenting endless opportunities for creative sensory play. Create a delightful sensory bottle with this comprehensive kit, perfect for engaging little ones. Here's what's included and how to use it:1. **DIY Sensory Bottle Kit**: This all-in-one kit makes it easy to construct your sensory bottle. Simply add water, and it's ready for action.2. **Craft Kit with Glitter and Sparkles**: Enhance the sensory experience with an included craft kit filled with glitter and sparkles, complete with an instruction sheet for guidance.3. **Textured Silicone Caps**: The kit comes with textured silicone caps, designed both to safeguard the bottle and provide a tactile surface for small hands to explore.4. **Durable Tritan Plastic Bottle**: The sensory bottle is crafted from sturdy Tritan plastic, ensuring longevity and resilience to frequent use.5. **Refillable and Reusable**: Embrace endless creativity! The bottle can be refilled and reused. Just empty it and refill with new exciting materials as desired.6. **Easy Cleaning**: Maintenance is a breeze. Once emptied, the bottle can be cleaned in the dishwasher or with warm soapy water for hassle-free upkeep.7. **Age Suitability**: This kit is ideal for children aged 3 years and older, with adult supervision recommended for safety and guidance.Enjoy crafting and personalizing your sensory experience with this easy-to-use, versatile sensory bottle kit!
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Wooden Writing & Counting Trays $41.99
Introducing our Beautiful Number Trays Set, an engaging and multifunctional educational tool designed for toddler and preschoolers' numeracy development. This set is perfect for introducing young learners to the world of numbers in a playful and interactive way.Key Features:Versatile Learning Tool: Each tray in the set represents numbers, offering a hands-on approach to learning basic numeracy skills like writing and counting.Multiple Learning Activities: These trays can be used in various ways to enhance learning. Fill them with sand for sensory writing and tracing of numbers, or use different materials for counting exercises.Creative Play Options: Beyond numeracy skills, these trays serve as a platform for imaginative play. Fill them with colorful sands or play dough for a fun and tactile experience, reinforcing number recognition in a creative manner.Safe and Sustainable Materials: Crafted from high-quality Rubberwood and finished with natural, child-safe oils, these trays are safe for children and environmentally friendly.Ideal for Early Numeracy Education: Whether for use at home, in daycares, or in preschool classrooms, these number trays are an excellent resource for teaching young children the fundamentals of numbers and counting.With these Beautiful Number Trays Set from Qtoys, learning about numbers becomes an interactive, enjoyable, and enriching experience for toddlers. Dive into the fun of numbers!