Speech Therapy Picture Cards Bjorem Speech Sound Cues
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Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Product #: 56000 Description: Overview: The Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues Deck is an essential educational tool crafted by certified speech-language pathologists to enhance speech and language development in children. This deck is a cornerstone resource for supporting early language learners, individuals with speech sound disorders, and children diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech. Key Features: Comprehensive Content: The deck comprises 40 robust cards, each representing one of the 25 consonants or 16 vowels. The cards are adorned with vivid, engaging illustrations that visually represent each sound, facilitating easier auditory-visual association for children. Thoughtful Design: Each card measures 2.56" x 2.56" and features a soft matte texture to reduce glare, making them suitable for children with visual sensitivities. The back of each card includes a descriptive narrative and colorful imagery to support comprehension and retention. Educational Value: Developed based on evidence-based practices, these cards are instrumental in fostering phonological awareness and early literacy skills. They emphasize learning sounds over letters, which is crucial in the early stages of speech development. Versatile Use: Designed for flexibility, these cards can be integrated into a variety of educational and therapeutic activities, including reading programs, classroom settings, play-based therapy, and structured drill work. They are a perfect complement to any speech therapy program. Age-Appropriate Learning: The cards are suitable for use with children starting from 18 months old, making them an excellent choice for early intervention strategies. Benefits: Enhanced Learning Experience: By linking visual cues with sounds, these cards help children develop a foundational understanding of speech sounds, crucial for their language development journey. Supports Diverse Learning Needs: Ideal for children with various learning and speech challenges, including those with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively. Engaging and Interactive: With colorful and intuitive designs, the cards maintain children’s interest and engagement, making learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Additional Resources: For further insights and creative ways to use the Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues Deck in therapy sessions or at home, visit our YouTube channel and Blog for tutorials, tips, and more.
[title]BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues
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Big Box of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues YOU DO NOT NEED THE EXPANSION PACK IF PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT NOW! Product #57500 The Bjorem Speech® BIG Box of Sound Cues is the same as the small original deck, just BIGGER! This deck offers sound associations to support the development of speech sound production and phonological awareness. This deck is perfectly suited for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents aiming to enhance speech sound and early literacy development. Key Features: Extensive Content: The BIG Box includes 40 oversized cards, covering 25 consonants and 14 vowels with two vowel sort cards. It also features two vowel sort cards essential for targeting specific speech sounds and their positions during therapy sessions. Large-Format Design: Each card measures 5.12" x 5.12", designed to facilitate easy handling in group settings, during gross motor activities, and in teletherapy environments. The large size ensures visibility and interactivity for all participants. Specialized Materials: The cards are made with a thick, soft matte finish to minimize glare, making them ideal for children with vision impairments and suitable for a variety of lighting conditions. Versatile Functionality: Developed using evidence-based practices, these sound cue cards are adaptable across multiple settings, from drill work to classroom integration and play-based therapy. Their versatility makes them an invaluable addition to any educational or therapeutic program. Educational Impact: Beyond aiding in speech therapy, these cards serve as a bridge to early literacy by helping children visually connect with sounds, fostering foundational reading and spelling skills. Benefits: Enhanced Learning Opportunities: These sound cues support engaging, effective, and inclusive speech therapy sessions, promoting better learning outcomes and enhanced communication skills. Support for Diverse Learning Environments: Whether used in a traditional classroom, a therapeutic setting, or at home, these cards adapt to various learning contexts, supporting a wide range of educational goals. Foundational Literacy Development: By associating sounds with visual cues, these cards not only improve speech but also kickstart the journey into early literacy and emerging reader skills. Get Your Set Today: The Bjorem Speech® BIG Box of Sound Cues is an essential resource for any professional or caregiver focused on developing robust speech and language abilities in children. To learn more about how these sound cues can transform your educational or therapeutic practices, or to make a purchase, please visit our Bjorem Speech® products page.
Cluster Cues Bjorem Speech
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Bjorem Speech Sound Cluster Cues Product #55100 Introducing the Bjorem Speech Sound Cluster Cues, an innovative and engaging tool designed to enhance phonological awareness and articulation skills in children. Building on the foundational Bjorem Speech Sound Cues, this set uses the delightful theme of trains to help children visualize and understand the concept of sound clustering in speech. Key Features: Themed Visual Cues: Utilizing a train motif, where each train part (engine, carriage, and caboose) represents different cluster positions (initial, medial, and final), this approach makes abstract phonetic concepts tangible and relatable for young learners. Comprehensive Set: The deck includes 47 train cards that link together to demonstrate various cluster combinations, along with special cards like a gap card to show missing sounds and a schwa card to indicate the addition of a schwa. Color Coding: Cards are color-coded based on the cluster's position within words, aiding in quick recognition and simplifying the learning process. Tactile and Visual Accessibility: The cards are crafted with a thick, soft matte texture to reduce glare, making them easy on the eyes for all children, including those with vision impairments. Contents: 12 initial cluster cue cards (engine cards) 21 combining cluster cue cards (carriage cards) 14 final cluster cue cards (caboose cards) Each card measures 2.56" x 2.56" Sturdy storage box measuring 2.95" x 2.95" x 1.69" Benefits: Enhanced Speech Clarity: By visualizing how sounds 'hook together' like train cars, children can better understand and articulate sound clusters, leading to clearer speech. Error Correction: The specialized cards provide immediate visual feedback on common errors such as sound substitution or deletion, empowering children to self-correct. Engaging Learning Experience: The train theme keeps learning fun and engaging, encouraging continued practice and interaction. Customer Testimonial: Martha, a speech therapist, shares, "The visuals in this deck are a game changer. One of my kiddos finally got her consonant clusters when she saw the train connected." Get Your Deck Today: Perfect for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents, the Bjorem Speech Sound Cluster Cues are essential for any therapeutic or educational setting focusing on speech development. To learn more about these innovative speech therapy tools and to make a purchase, please visit Bjorem Speech® products page. Transform the way you teach speech sounds with Bjorem Speech Sound Cluster Cues and watch your young learners' speech skills progress rapidly and enjoyably!
[title]Phonemic Awareness - Bjorem Speech Download [title]Phonemic Awareness - Bjorem Speech Download
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THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. THE DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU AND IS AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Product Number 20004 This packet includes color art from the Original Bjorem Speech Sound Cues.  **you will need the ORIGINAL (BLUE) set of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues in order to use this resource.  Included in the packet- 1. List of phonemic awareness skills that can be worked on with teachers, speech pathologists or parents when using the Original Bjorem Speech Sound Cues 2. Cheat Sheet - single consonant sounds paired with letter - capitals (print and laminate) 3. Cheat Sheet - single consonant sounds paired with letter - lowercase (print and laminate) 4. Beginning, Middle, End Bus Visual to be used with the original Bjorem Speech Sound Cues - helps children identify where the sound is located in a word. 5. Bus visual with spaces for the child to write the corresponding letter 6. CVC word builder page with spaces to write corresponding letters. This page is helpful when working on identifying initial and final sounds as well as substituting phonemes to make new words. The cheat sheets help children - -work on sound-to-letter correspondence -work on upper and lower case -give a reference when working on identifying hearing beginning and ending sounds, substituting phonemes e.g., change in "cat" change /k/ to /h/. This product is licensed for single use only. This means that this resource is licensed for use and viewing to the person that purchased it.  *This product is a download and is not returnable* ©bjoremspeech 2023 www.bjoremspeech.com Bjorem Speech® *read terms of use
Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy [title]Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy
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Bjorem Speech® Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy Product #56100 Unlock the potential of phonemic awareness and literacy with the Bjorem Speech® Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy, a comprehensive tool designed to enhance both speech sound production and linguistic comprehension. These cues are essential for any educational setting, particularly beneficial for speech-language pathologists, reading specialists, and educators. Great for kids age 3 and up! Key Features: Focused on Phonemic Contrast: The Contrast Cues effectively utilize the multiple and maximal oppositions approaches to highlight differences between minimal pairs, which helps clarify the distinct meanings that similar sounds can produce in different words. Initial Position Emphasis: Each cue targets new sounds in the initial position of words, showcasing how subtle changes in phonemes can lead to entirely new and different words, thus enhancing a learner's phonetic and phonological skills. Comprehensive Phonological Support: Beyond speech sound production, these cues aid in teaching how sounds correlate with letters and how these form rimes that create word families, crucial for developing phonological awareness and spelling skills. 22 initial consonant onsets 58 rime cue cards Benefits: Enhances Linguistic Functionality: By demonstrating the linguistic function of phonemes, the Contrast Cues deepen understanding of language structure, aiding in more effective communication and literacy skills. Supports Diverse Learning Goals: Whether focusing on motor skills involved in speech production or the cognitive aspects of spelling and phonics, these cues offer versatile applications to meet a range of educational objectives. Promotes Phonological Awareness: These cues are particularly effective in helping learners recognize patterns within words, fostering skills necessary for reading fluency and spelling accuracy. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists Reading Specialists and Literacy Coaches Educators in Elementary and Special Education Settings The Bjorem Speech® Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy are not just tools but partners in the journey towards comprehensive language education, making them indispensable in any setting focused on developing articulate and literate individuals. SOUNDS Like Word List: ayy, eee, eye, oh, oo, aw, ahh, ock, opp, ott, ab, ad, ack, ann, ap, ash, at, aid, ache, ail, ape, ate, ace, ane, aim, aze, ave, all, air, eef, eek, eel, eem, eat, eep, ear, ed, ell, end, est, et, ick, ig, in, ip, it, ice, ide, ine, ite, oak, oat, oop, oze, oan, oy, ore, ump Explore how these contrast cues can transform your educational practices by visiting www.bjoremspeech.com. Enhance your teaching arsenal with Bjorem Speech®, where advanced educational tools meet practical application.
[title]Story Cue Card Deck [title]Story Cue Card Deck
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Bjorem Speech® Story Cue Card Deck Product #55011 Elevate your educational toolkit with the Bjorem Speech® Story Cue Card Deck, an exceptionally versatile resource designed to enrich language and literacy skills in learners of all ages. This deck is tailored for educators, speech-language pathologists, and parents who aim to foster strong narrative skills and enhance comprehension through engaging and interactive storytelling. Key Features: Comprehensive Set: The deck consists of 59 beautifully crafted cards, each representing key story elements and concepts grounded in educational research. Flexible Usage: These cards are designed to be flexible, allowing you to choose specific narrative elements to target and tailor the learning experience to meet individual student needs effectively. Accessible Design: Cards are sized at 2.56" x 2.56" and feature a thick, soft matte texture. This non-glare finish is ideal for use with children who have vision impairments, ensuring all students can engage comfortably. Benefits: Enhances Narrative Skills: By focusing on key story elements, these cards help students understand and construct their own stories, boosting their narrative capabilities and overall language development. Supports Diverse Learning Objectives: Whether used to aid story comprehension, sequence events, or build descriptive language, the deck adapts to various educational goals, making it a versatile tool in any learning environment. Interactive Learning Experience: The tactile and visual qualities of the cards encourage hands-on learning and active participation, making the storytelling process both fun and educational. Ideal for: Speech Language Pathologists, Teachers, Tutors, and Parents working to facilitate explicit understanding of narrative and expository language and enhance reading and storytelling at school, clinic, or home. The Bjorem Speech® Story Cue Card Deck is more than just a teaching aid; it is a gateway to unlocking a child's imagination and linguistic potential through the power of stories. Each card is a stepping stone towards greater language proficiency, critical thinking, and creative expression. Discover how this tool can transform your educational practices and help foster a love for stories and reading in your students. For more information and to view a broader range of our innovative educational products, visit www.bjoremspeech.com. Immerse your learners in the art of storytelling with Bjorem Speech®, where language learning meets creativity.
Prefixes, Suffixes and Bases [title]Prefixes, Suffixes and Bases
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Bjorem Speech® Prefixes, Suffixes, and Bases Deck (Product #60093) Explore the building blocks of the English language with the Bjorem Speech® Prefixes, Suffixes, and Bases Deck, expertly designed by Leanne Dall, MHSc., CCC-SLP and Lauren Kline, M.S., CCC-SLP, A/OGA for speech-language pathologists, educators, and reading interventionists. This educational tool is essential for teaching and reinforcing the understanding of morphological structures, crucial for developing literacy and language comprehension in children. Key Features: Comprehensive Content: The deck includes 32 prefixes, 27 suffixes, and 36 base words, along with connectives and an extensive collection of morphological rules, origins, and definitions. Educational Design: Each card is meticulously crafted with spacing on the front to facilitate easy manipulation and arrangement, allowing students to physically build and understand multisyllabic words. Informative and Supportive: The back of each card features definitions, color-coded categories to aid memory and understanding, and detailed explanations of word origins and applicable spelling rules. Benefits: Enhances Vocabulary Skills: By breaking down words into their constituent morphemes, children can expand their vocabulary through an understanding of how words are formed and related. Boosts Reading Comprehension: Knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and base words directly contributes to improved reading comprehension, as students learn to decode and understand new words. Supports Morphological Awareness: This deck aids in the development of morphological use and awareness, essential skills for academic success and effective communication. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologist, elementary and middle School teacher, reading specialists and interventionists, home schooling parents working to support your student to use morphemes to understand morphemes and generate words to read and spell. Great for school, clinic, and home practice! The Bjorem Speech® Prefixes, Suffixes, and Bases Deck is not just a teaching aid but a transformative educational experience that makes learning about morphemes engaging and accessible. It's designed to introduce morphological structures, extend vocabulary, enhance parts of speech understanding, and deepen comprehension of language mechanics. Dive into the foundational aspects of language with this deck and watch as your students or children advance their language abilities. To discover more about how this tool can transform your educational approach, visit www.bjoremspeech.com. Equip your educational arsenal with a deck that brings clarity and joy to learning about language structure.
Sail Away: ai - ay  Vowel Team Literacy Game - Download [title]Sail Away: ai - ay  Vowel Team Literacy Game - Download
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THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. THE DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU AND IS AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Digital Download SKU 20022 Practice reading and spelling words with the vowel teams AI and AY! AI and AY are vowel teams that both make the ā (long a) sound. Help your students identify the difference between these two vowel teams with repeated practice in this fun board game. This Sail Away printable or digital game can be used to accompany any Orton-Gillingham or science of reading lessons. Great for literacy centers, reading and spelling tutorials, and phonics lessons. The product includes: One color board game, 32 AI word cards, 24 AY word cards, and 6 game pieces. __ Want access to this game board, our growing library of digital downloads AND monthly subscriber exclusives? Save today and secure your annual subscription membership for just $65! Click here to check it out!