[title]Box of S, R, L Clusters Bundle [title]Box of S, R, L Clusters Bundle
Box of S, R, L Clusters Bundle Sound Cue Cards $59.00
Bjorem Speech® Box of S, R, and L Clusters Bundle - Sound Cue Cards Product #55030 Elevate your speech therapy resources with the Bjorem Speech® Box of S, R, and L Clusters Bundle, a meticulously curated set specifically designed to target the complex and crucial /s/, /ɹ/, and /l/ clusters. Ideal for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents, this bundle is essential for addressing the articulation challenges associated with these consonant clusters in initial word positions. Product Features: Targeted Cluster Practice: Each box in the bundle focuses on one type of cluster—/s/, /ɹ/, or /l/, providing 40 cards per box that offer targeted practice on these critical speech sounds in their initial positions. Comprehensive Learning Tools: The set features a total of 120 cards, each containing functional, diverse targets that facilitate correct sound production and enhance phonetic development across a broad range of contexts. Inclusive and Engaging Artwork: The cards are adorned with motivating and inclusive illustrations, reflecting a variety of scenes and characters to engage children and promote an understanding of diverse realities. High-Quality Design: Cards measure 2.56" x 2.56" and are crafted with a thick, soft matte texture, minimizing glare to ensure usability for children with vision impairments and providing durability for frequent handling. Benefits of Using This Bundle: Enhanced Speech Clarity: Focused on /s/, /ɹ/, and /l/ clusters, this bundle is crucial for developing clear and effective communication skills, particularly in tackling the complexities of consonant clusters. Supports Multiple Learning Objectives: Beyond phoneme practice, these decks support broader language development goals such as literacy, story building, and complex sound differentiation. Interactive and Functional: The functional targets and relatable artwork not only draw children into the learning process but also encourage them to use these sounds in various communicative contexts, promoting active learning and retention. Educators: Perfect for integrating detailed phoneme awareness into classroom activities and literacy programs. Parents and Caregivers: Offers valuable resources for reinforcing therapy goals and supporting language development at home. Box of L Clusters: blue, blocks, blanket, black, blink, blizzard, slide, slope, slither, slip, slug, slow, sleep, slimy, clean, closet, clap, close, claw, clock, clicker, climb, cloud, fly, flap, flame, flower, floss, float, flute, glue, glass, glitter, glove, globe, gloomy, planet, plane, play, please, plant, plow Box of S Clusters: skunk, skating, scoop, scarf, skull, scare, squeal, scream, scuba, mask, lobster, skip, skirt, slide, slippery, slug, slimy, sled, sledding, smell, stinky, smoke, smoky, smash, small, smile, smirk, snickering, snow, snowflake, snail, slime, snack, snap peas, snuggle, snooze, sleep, snoring, snake, sneeze, stop, stop sign, stopped, sticking, sticker, story, stamp, sticky, postage, post office, stone, step, stairs, staircase, monster, dentist, swing, swinging, swaying, swan, swimming, swamp, sweep, sweater, swimming, swamp, swat, swoop, sponge, space, spaceship, stars, spoon, speech, speaking, spooky, spider Box of R Clusters: brain, brown, bread, broom, breakfast, bridge, crane, cranking, cry, cranky, crayon, creepy, crawler, creek, crazy, green, grass, grasshopper, ground, grapes, growing, groceries, grill, grate, grumpy, grouchy, grizzly, grumble, growl, drive, drawing, dress, dragon, drumming, drum, drink, dribble, dream, dreamy, drowsy, drop, drill, pretty, princess, bracelet, prince, pretzel, practice, print, proofread, proud, present, prize, price, frown, frustrated, fresh, fruit, friend, frozen, freezing, Friday, frog, freckles, friendly, friends, frisbee, tropical, tree, trunk, truck, trouble, treasure, train, tracks, triangle, trampoline, tractor
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Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy [title]Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy
Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy $48.00 $60.00
Bjorem Speech® Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy Product #56100 Unlock the potential of phonemic awareness and literacy with the Bjorem Speech® Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy, a comprehensive tool designed to enhance both speech sound production and linguistic comprehension. These cues are essential for any educational setting, particularly beneficial for speech-language pathologists, reading specialists, and educators. Great for kids age 3 and up! Key Features: Focused on Phonemic Contrast: The Contrast Cues effectively utilize the multiple and maximal oppositions approaches to highlight differences between minimal pairs, which helps clarify the distinct meanings that similar sounds can produce in different words. Initial Position Emphasis: Each cue targets new sounds in the initial position of words, showcasing how subtle changes in phonemes can lead to entirely new and different words, thus enhancing a learner's phonetic and phonological skills. Comprehensive Phonological Support: Beyond speech sound production, these cues aid in teaching how sounds correlate with letters and how these form rimes that create word families, crucial for developing phonological awareness and spelling skills. 22 initial consonant onsets 58 rime cue cards Benefits: Enhances Linguistic Functionality: By demonstrating the linguistic function of phonemes, the Contrast Cues deepen understanding of language structure, aiding in more effective communication and literacy skills. Supports Diverse Learning Goals: Whether focusing on motor skills involved in speech production or the cognitive aspects of spelling and phonics, these cues offer versatile applications to meet a range of educational objectives. Promotes Phonological Awareness: These cues are particularly effective in helping learners recognize patterns within words, fostering skills necessary for reading fluency and spelling accuracy. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists Reading Specialists and Literacy Coaches Educators in Elementary and Special Education Settings The Bjorem Speech® Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy are not just tools but partners in the journey towards comprehensive language education, making them indispensable in any setting focused on developing articulate and literate individuals. SOUNDS Like Word List: ayy, eee, eye, oh, oo, aw, ahh, ock, opp, ott, ab, ad, ack, ann, ap, ash, at, aid, ache, ail, ape, ate, ace, ane, aim, aze, ave, all, air, eef, eek, eel, eem, eat, eep, ear, ed, ell, end, est, et, ick, ig, in, ip, it, ice, ide, ine, ite, oak, oat, oop, oze, oan, oy, ore, ump Explore how these contrast cues can transform your educational practices by visiting www.bjoremspeech.com. Enhance your teaching arsenal with Bjorem Speech®, where advanced educational tools meet practical application.
Multisyllabic Words [title]Multisyllabic Words
Multisyllabic Words $45.00
Bjorem Speech® Multisyllabic Words Deck  Product #60075 Elevate your speech therapy sessions with the Bjorem Speech® Multisyllabic Words Deck, meticulously crafted to enhance speech sound production through the exploration of complex word shapes and structures. This deck is an indispensable tool for children with speech sound disorders and childhood apraxia of speech, providing a pathway to mastering challenging multisyllabic words. Contains 78 cards for a total of 281 target words. Each card contains multiple targets and each target is color coded on the back to easily identify the number of syllables in the word.  Key Features: Comprehensive Coverage: Each card presents multiple target words, ranging from 2 to 6 syllables, allowing for progressive training from simpler to more complex structures. Educational Impact: Designed to advance phonological and articulatory skills by introducing children to multisyllabic words that require intricate movement patterns and timing. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) Special Education Professionals Parents seeking supplemental speech practice at home With the Bjorem Speech® Multisyllabic Words Deck, speech therapy becomes a more dynamic, effective, and inclusive experience. Discover the joy and success of enhancing speech capabilities in children who face various linguistic challenges. For additional resources and to explore more about our speech therapy products, visit our website at www.bjoremspeech.com or contact us directly to enhance your therapeutic toolkit.
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[title]Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy POSTER - Download [title]Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy POSTER - Download
Contrast Cues for Speech & Literacy POSTER - Download $7.50 $12.00
THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. THE DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU AND IS AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Product #20000 The Contrast Cues for Speech and Literacy download only poster by Carol Koch is a MUST HAVE companion for the Contrast Cues for Speech and Literacy Cards!  The poster is a quick reference for identifying client-specific contrasts for each approach:  minimal, maximal, and multiple oppositions contrasts.  Quickly identify the onsets and the rimes to use in intervention that are most appropriate for each client.  There is a chart that identifies at least 700 true words that are created with the cards when onsets and rimes are combined.  Another chart identifies phonemes that when contrasted in therapy are considered to be maximal oppositions contrasts.  And one last chart for support in identifying the number of feature contrasts between two phonemes when selecting minimal opposition contrasts. Truly – a MUST HAVE COMPANION to the Contrast Cues! Product Details: Download Only Poster size: 18x24 - take and print Smaller size: 8.5x11 - print a smaller version  This product is licensed for single use only. This means that this resource is licensed for use and viewing to the person that purchased it.  *This product is a download and is not returnable* ©bjoremspeech 2023 www.bjoremspeech.com Bjorem Speech® *read terms of use
[title]Facilitative Contexts /ɹ/ Inventory & Therapy Bundle [title]Facilitative Contexts /ɹ/ Inventory & Therapy Bundle
Facilitative Contexts /ɹ/ Inventory & Therapy Bundle $199.99
Facilitative Contexts /ɹ/ Inventory & Therapy Bundle Product #60083 Discover the ultimate solution for /ɹ/ analysis and therapy with the /ɹ/ Inventory and Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy Bundle. This comprehensive set, designed by renowned experts Dr. Kelly Farquharson and Dr. Carol Koch, is an essential tool for speech-language pathologists dedicated to treating and monitoring progress for /ɹ/. What's Included in the Bundle? /ɹ/ Inventory: This inventory tool dives deep into various linguistic contexts for /ɹ/, including 7 facilitative contexts, R clusters, Vocalic R, and Dialect Phrases (both rhotic and non-rhotic). It's designed to be comprehensive, offering analysis in single words and phrases. Special attention is given to dialect-sensitive phrases, ideal for identifying non-rhotic dialects from regions like Eastern America, the UK, and Australia, ensuring a culturally sensitive approach to speech therapy. Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy: This set of 89 cards with 149 targets across 7 different facilitative contexts—including high front vowels, low front vowels, alveolars, high back vowels, low back vowels, velars, and liquids—facilitates precise speech therapy. Each card is designed to support a variety of tongue postures for the correct production of /ɹ/, making every word an opportunity for correct practice. Downloadable PDF Handbook: Complement your therapy and assessment with a digital handbook that provides detailed protocols and guidance for using the /ɹ/ Inventory and therapy cards effectively. This resource is invaluable for planning sessions and tracking progress. Product Details: /ɹ/ Inventory Cards: 5.12" x 5.12" Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy Cards: 2.56" x 2.56" Cues: Thick soft matte texture to reduce glare, suitable for children with vision impairments. Terms of Use: One downloadable protocol per physical address. No copying or sharing protocols outside of the physical address. Report misuse to hello@bjoremspeech.com Enhance your therapy tools with this dual product bundle, meticulously crafted to provide thorough assessments and effective interventions for /ɹ/. Perfect for any speech-language pathologist looking to elevate their practice with evidence-based, culturally competent materials. Please watch the videos we have provided for you to learn more about this product, what is included, and how to use!  Which R Product is Right for Me Infographic Supplemental Information
[title]Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy [title]Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy
Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy $50.00
Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy Product #60085 Introducing the Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy Deck (Product Number 60085)—a meticulously crafted tool designed to enhance the effectiveness of /ɹ/ therapy sessions. Developed by experts Dr. Kelly Farquharson and Dr. Carol Koch, this set focuses on the use of facilitative contexts, which are specific word structures that support the correct pronunciation of the challenging /ɹ/. Each card in this set measures 2.56" x 2.56" and is made with a thick, soft matte texture, ensuring no glare and making them ideal for children with vision impairments. The deck includes 89 cards encompassing a comprehensive total of 149 targets. These targets are thoughtfully organized into seven distinct facilitative contexts: high front vowels, low front vowels, alveolars, high back vowels, low back vowels, velars, and liquids. This organization supports a variety of tongue postures necessary for the correct production of /ɹ/, allowing for targeted and effective speech therapy. The Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy Deck is not only a tool for therapy but also an educational resource, providing clinicians with a systematic method to identify which contexts best support accurate /ɹ/ production. Additionally, it includes items to assess the influence of dialect on /ɹ/ production, making it an invaluable asset for diverse linguistic environments. With this deck, speech-language pathologists can streamline their therapy sessions, ensuring each targeted word maximizes the opportunity for correct pronunciation practice. This set promises to be an essential addition to your speech therapy materials, facilitating significant progress in your clients' articulation skills. The R Handbook is NOT included in purchase of this product. This is the Facilitative Contexts for /ɹ/ Therapy ONLY. If you would like to check out The R Handbook, it is included in the FACILITATIVE CONTEXTS /ɹ/ INVENTORY & THERAPY BUNDLE (If you would like to see what is included in the bundle, please check out the videos in the product description). Word List