Why Pee? Why Poo? Why NOT?

Why Pee? Why Poo? Why NOT?

Why not? Pee and Poo are two favorite things that kids talk about. Why? Because it is funny and it is functional. Both of my books OH NO! Pee Pee and OH NO! Poo Poo have been a hit in and out of the therapy room. Pee and Poo have become much less taboo thanks to the poo emojis. We have normalized pee and poo and for a good reason, it is a part of a child’s everyday life. I have been using Pee and Poo in my therapy sessions for years. I am usually working with children in the toilet training stages and taking the stigma out of “potty talk” can help make positive strides during learning this skill.

 poop emoji for OH NO poo poo book by Jennie Bjorem speech pathologist

Not only are pee and poo functional and funny but they are both CV (consonant vowel) “pee” and “poo” or CVCV (consonant vowel consonant vowel) sound combinations “peepee” and “poopoo”. These syllable structures are the first to see in typical speech development and are the easiest to work with when young children have delays in speech. When children acquire speech you will notice children use CVCV word combinations in the beginning, for example, mama or dada. The CVCV structure can change or become more difficult given the consonant and vowel change. Here are more examples of CVCV patterns.

CVCV – nono, bibi (for baby), nini (night night), wawa (water), papa, choochoo. These are all the simplest form of CVCV – words have the same consonant and vowels reduplicated.

CV1CV2 – mommy, daddy, nana, baby, cookie, bubbo (bubble), puppy – the consonant stays the same but the vowel changes.

C1V1C2V2– sofa, minnow, potty, money, dino, pony – both the consonant and the vowels change.

Oh no pee pee book by Jennie Bjorem for speech therapy and potty training

I took to the tablet with my children Livi (C1V1C2V2) and Colby (C1V1C2V2) and wrote these two books to help support early speech and language development. Each book is filled with CVCV functional words that your children are learning or working on learning. Livi’s puppy (CV1CV2) and Colby’s Dino (C1V1C2V2) go potty (C1V1C2V2) everywhere. The board books are repetitive so children can begin to “read” by predicting the wording on each page.

Oh No Poo Poo on my bubble from the speech therapy book OH NO poo poo

Both board books are excellent “potty partners” as well as early speech and language rich. Children will love telling the puppy and Dino NO NO… and YIPEE cheering for them when they use the potty. These books are positive, fun, and functional and give “potty talk” meaning.

Expand on speech and language work with this fun Make & Take Poo-Poo downloadable book companion. Download and print from home, with a little bit of glue, you can create your own Poo-Poo book.

Happy toileting, speech development and reading, whatever your goal, these books were written with your child in mind!

You can buy the set of books for $16.49 or $8.99 each. Get your set today!


Jennie Bjorem, M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech-Langauge Pathologist

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