My Must-Have Speech Therapy Items!

My Must-Have Speech Therapy Items!

I have been doing speech therapy for over 20 years and I for sure have my go-to favorite items. I frequently share these therapy favorites on my social media, but needed an all-in-one place to share these must haves for speech therapy… and where to get them! I choose materials that help me get high repetitions of our target words and phrases, materials that are play-based and facilitate speech, and materials that have many parts which help with getting multiple repetitions. Follow me on Instagram @bjoremspeech for more ways to use these materials in therapy.

These tally clickers have been therapy changing. I purchased these about 5 years ago and WOW do they make a difference. I always have multiples on hand as the kids LOVE to click away and many times will give you more repetitions than expected!

Hand Held Tally Clickers

If you are a speech pathologist that works with children you probably have had these talking tubes at some point in your therapy career. These tubes are EXCELLENT reinforcers, auditory feedback tools, and just fun to play with. Kids love to speak in one side and listen in the other or listen to me talk into one end. I love this because it promotes and motivates speech.

Talking Tubes

I have an entire blog post on different ways to use Dixie cups in therapy. They are just the best! They are fun to hide things, stack, and SMASH! These little cups are a MUST! I know you are going to ask about the little animals and WOW they are in my TOP 5 favorites. I love how tiny and bouncy they are. I use these to pair with bigger animals because these are the babies. Ideas are endless with these tiny guys, you can incorporate them into any therapy session. I love the RAINFOREST PACK and DINOSAUR PACK and SAVANNA PACK.

Dixie cups and Miniature Animals

I love little suction cup toys! This little monster alien pack comes with 36 pieces. You can stick them anywhere… indoors or outdoors and you will get a lot of repetitions with these creatures. These are a new addition to my favorites, I am excited to get years of use out of them! (*At this time they are currently unavailable on Amazon, but if you click the link it will show you similar items! Or you could google "monster suction cup toys" and see what you can find!)

Suction Cup Buddies

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am the BLUE TAPE QUEEN! I have been using blue tape in my therapy sessions for years and I tell you what, it is a WINNER every time…. except for the time that the blue painters tape that isn’t supposed to peel paint peeled paint off of my client’s wall… UGH! Other than that it is THE BEST. Make sure you have blue tape in your toolbox.

Blue Tape

This Blue Track is a HUGE HIT in therapy! You can hold all of the cars, marbles, balls to get high repetitions of targets and kids will work to get to roll them down. It is flexible so it rolls up and storage is easy. You can create all kinds of bumps and loops and add tunnels too! The ideas are endless! This is one of my go to therapy activities!


Dot Markers, these are not new but they are noteworthy. Dot markers are an excellent way to keep little hands busy and get HIGH REPETITIONS which is our goal in speech therapy. I love pairing dot marker activities with the Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues.

Dot Markers & Bjorem Speech Sound Cues

These expensive builders are a pretty penny but pack a BIG PUNCH. Maganatiles are one of my all time favorite building and pretend play activities. I purchased the box with 100 tiles because it allows me to probe for 100 (or more) productions of our targets. Kids will request to play with these over and over! The are beautiful on a light table and are tons of fun to put target pictures between. SOOOO many ideas! For a less expensive option I recommend Picasso Tiles.


These PUSH POP POPPER MATS are all the rage right now. I own a few and they are very helpful to get high repetitions. You can probably pick these little poppers up at your local dollar store or Target dollar spot.

Poppers – they are all the rage right now!

These little digital finger tally clickers are a great find! They are another great one to have in my toolbox for high repetitions. Like the handheld clickers, I like to keep many on hand so the child can wear one too! They may even put your speech skills to the test!

Ring Finger Digital Tally Clickers
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