Wooden Toy Carrot Size Sorter

$15.90 USD

Wooden Toy Carrot Size Sorter

$15.90 USD
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Product description

Discover the joys of learning with our Wooden Carrot Sorting Game! Perfect for young minds, this set includes 7 differently sized wooden carrots to match and sort into a 4.9'' x 4.9'' wooden base. Crafted from safe, natural pine wood and coated with non-toxic water-based paint, it's designed with smooth surfaces and rounded edges for safe play. Ideal for enhancing spatial recognition, visual coordination, and dexterity, this toy is a delightful addition to your child's playtime and speech therapy sessions. Dimensions: 5.1*5.1*3.1 inches. Engage, learn, and grow with our fun sorting game!

●SIZE MATCHING: Comes with 7 wooden carrots in various sizes to match with the slots in a (4.9’’x 4.9’’) wooden base.

●SORTING GAME: A wooden toy that is designed to encourage kids to explore and have fun independently.

●SPATIAL RECOGNITION: Young explorers need to recognize the different sizes of carrots, sort them out, and then place them back into the proper slots.

●MADE SAFE: Made from natural pine wood materials, stained with non-toxic water-based paint, smooth surface, and round edges.

●IDEAL TOY: This wooden toy helps develop visual coordination, shape recognition, and improves dexterity. Package Dimensions:5.1*5.1*3.1inch

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