Dynamic Childhood Apraxia of Speech Assessment - Download

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Dynamic Childhood Apraxia of Speech Assessment - Download

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Assessing childhood apraxia of speech can be intimidating and confusing. With these forms and informal assessment, you will have the tools you need to feel more confident in your professional judgment when assessing for CAS dynamically.

This informal dynamic guide is licensed for single use only. This means that this resource is licensed for use and viewing to the person that purchased it.

I am so glad you have found this resource and I hope you find it as helpful as I do in your decision making for childhood apraxia of speech. This resource was compiled by Bjorem Speech and is copyrighted. Thank you for respecting my time, education, experience, and work that went into putting this product together by not sharing, selling, or giving it with others. You may not translate it into another language and sell this resource .

**training in CAS assessment should be done prior to giving a diagnosis of CAS. According to ASHA, Speech Language Pathologists with this training are the professionals that should give a diagnosis of CAS. CAS is NOT a medical diagnosis, it is a speech term.

Jennie Bjorem, M.A., CCC-SLP is the owner of www.bjoremspeech.com and has extensive training and experience in CAS. Follow Jennie on Instagram @bjoremspeech to check out lots of therapy videos with her clients with CAS.

  • Terms of Use
  • Definitions of Features
  • Definitions of Terms
  • Cueing Resource
  • Assessment Checklist
  • Case History
  • Early Signs Checklist
  • Sound Inventory Form
  • Core Word and Power Word List
  • Informal Motor Speech Assessment
  • CAS Decision Guide

Adapted from Overby, M.S., Caspari, S.S., & Schreiber, J. (2019). Volubility, consonant emergence, and syllabic structure in infants and toddlers later diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech, speech sound disorder, and typical development: A retrospective video analysis. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. doi: 10.1044/2019_JSLHR-S-18-0046

A diagnostic marker to discriminate childhood apraxia of speech from Speech Delay "Diagnosis of CAS was confirmed using a version of the pediatric adaptation of the Mayo Clinic assessment for motor speech disorders (‘‘Mayo10’’) (Shriberg and Strand, 2014; Shriberg, Potter, & Strand, 2011; Shriberg, Lohmeier

This product is licensed for single use only. This means that this resource is licensed for use and viewing to the person that purchased it.

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