[title]Monster Mix-Up Card Game - 4 Games in 1 [title]Monster Mix-Up Card Game - 4 Games in 1
Monster Mix-Up Card Game - 4 Games in 1 $19.00
Product #60090 Introducing Monster Mix-Up - Four Card Games in One! Unleash a world of monster mayhem and endless fun with our Monster Smash card game! Designed with kids in mind, this captivating game combines four traditional card games into one thrilling package, all adorned with whimsical and silly monster illustrations that are sure to delight players of all ages. Game 1: Rodeo Ghost (Old Maid) Ride the wild monster rodeo in this hilarious twist on the classic Old Maid game. Can you avoid being caught with the ghostly Rodeo Monster card in your hand? Fast-paced and full of surprises, Rodeo Ghost will keep players on the edge of their seats as they try to make the spookiest matches! Game 2: Monster Mix-Up (War) Engage in an epic monster battle with Monster Mix-Up, a thrilling adaptation of the classic War card game. Lead your favorite monsters into combat and see who comes out victorious in this head-to-head showdown. Who will have the ultimate monster army and claim the title of Monster Mix-Up champion? Game 3: Monster Matching(Go Fish) Dive into the depths of monster madness with Monster Matching, a playful take on the beloved Go Fish game. Ask your fellow players for the monsters you need to create pairs and complete sets. But beware of the tricky monsters lurking beneath the surface, waiting to test your memory and strategy! Game 4: Zombie Zap (Slap Jack) Prepare for a lightning-fast game of reflexes and laughter in Zombie Zap, a zany variation of Slap Jack. Keep your eyes peeled for the mischievous zombie card, and be the first to "zap" it when it appears. Watch out for false alarms, though, as you race against your opponents to collect all the cards. Monster Smash offers endless hours of entertainment and encourages social interaction, making it the perfect game for therapy sessions, family game nights, gatherings with friends, or rainy days indoors. With its charming monster illustrations and a variety of gameplay options, this game is a fantastic addition to any game collection. Get ready to embrace the world of monster mayhem, laughter, and excitement with Monster Smash - the ultimate card game for kids and kids at heart. Order your copy today and let the monster madness begin! 70 cards: 4.5" x 3"
Bjorem BIG Roller 20-Sided GIGANTIC Die Bjorem BIG Roller 20-Sided GIGANTIC Die
Bjorem BIG Roller 20-Sided GIGANTIC Die $22.00
Bjorem BIGRoller Gigantic 20-sided Die Product#20050 Introducing the Gigantic Bjorem BIGRoller 20-Sided Die! IT IS HUGE! – the ultimate game-changer in engaging and dynamic therapy sessions! This oversized die isn't just big in size; it's big on fun and effectiveness, quickly becoming a favorite tool for therapists and families alike. Key Features: Versatile Use: Perfect for therapy groups, family game nights, educational activities, and more. This die is designed to be BIGwith bubbles to captivate children’s attention and make learning fun. Educational Benefits: Excellent for teaching number recognition, counting skills, and simple mathematical concepts in a playful environment. High Engagement: Known for boosting participation and excitement, this die helps achieve high repetitions in therapy or learning scenarios, ensuring effective outcomes. Durable and Safe: Made with sturdy materials, this die is tough enough for enthusiastic play. Its solid construction ensures it can be used on various surfaces, from tables to carpeted floors. Whether you're rolling for numbers during a speech therapy session or adding a twist to family game night, the Gigantic 20-Sided Die promises not just to entertain but to enhance the learning and engagement of all participants. Don't miss out on this must-have addition to your educational tools collection – where learning meets laughter and excitement! BIGRoller - Over 2" in diameter weighing .42 lbs, hard plastic - comes in a storage box
My Speech Counter Clicker - Set of 4 My Speech Counter Clicker - Set of 4
My Speech Counter Clicker - Set of 4 $13.00
Product #5101 My Speech Clicker Handheld Counter 4 Digit Mechanical Tally Counter - Set of 4 (White, Green, Pink, Yellow) Essential Tool for Speech TherapistsEnhance your therapy sessions with the My Speech Clicker Handheld Counter. This set of 4 vibrant mechanical tally counters in white, green, pink, and yellow is designed to bring efficiency and fun to your practice. Kid-Friendly and MotivatingKids love the colorful design and the simple clicking mechanism, making them eager participants in their therapy sessions. The tactile feedback of each click keeps them engaged and motivated, helping to create a positive and productive learning environment. Track High Repetitions with EaseOur 4-digit mechanical tally counter allows you to effortlessly keep track of high repetitions, ensuring accurate data collection and progress monitoring. Whether you're counting syllables, words, or exercises, this counter provides the precision you need. Durable and Easy to UseCrafted for durability, the My Speech Clicker is built to withstand the demands of daily use. Its compact size fits comfortably in your hand, and the reset knob allows for quick and easy zeroing. Perfect for both professional and home use, it’s a must-have for every speech therapist. Versatile and ConvenientEach set includes four counters in different colors, making it easy to assign specific tasks or clients to each color. Lightweight and portable, you can carry them anywhere, ensuring you have the right tool at hand whenever you need it. Boost the effectiveness of your speech therapy sessions with the My Speech Clicker Handheld Counter set. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer for speech therapists and a delight for kids.
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Wooden Writing & Counting Trays $61.00
Introducing our Beautiful Number Trays Set, an engaging and multifunctional educational tool designed for toddler and preschoolers' numeracy development. This set is perfect for introducing young learners to the world of numbers in a playful and interactive way.Key Features:Versatile Learning Tool: Each tray in the set represents numbers, offering a hands-on approach to learning basic numeracy skills like writing and counting.Multiple Learning Activities: These trays can be used in various ways to enhance learning. Fill them with sand for sensory writing and tracing of numbers, or use different materials for counting exercises.Creative Play Options: Beyond numeracy skills, these trays serve as a platform for imaginative play. Fill them with colorful sands or play dough for a fun and tactile experience, reinforcing number recognition in a creative manner.Safe and Sustainable Materials: Crafted from high-quality Rubberwood and finished with natural, child-safe oils, these trays are safe for children and environmentally friendly.Ideal for Early Numeracy Education: Whether for use at home, in daycares, or in preschool classrooms, these number trays are an excellent resource for teaching young children the fundamentals of numbers and counting.With these Beautiful Number Trays Set from Qtoys, learning about numbers becomes an interactive, enjoyable, and enriching experience for toddlers. Dive into the fun of numbers!
[title]Wooden Writing & Spelling Trays [title]Wooden Writing & Spelling Trays
Wooden Writing & Spelling Trays $58.00
Introduce your toddlers to the exciting world of literacy with our Wooden Writing and Spelling Trays. This beautifully crafted alphabet tray set is a versatile tool designed to make learning fun and engaging for young children. Key Features:Engaging Design: Each tray features all the letters of the alphabet, allowing children to explore writing, spelling, and letter recognition in a tactile way.Multiple Uses: These trays offer a variety of learning activities. Fill them with sand for sensory writing and tracing experiences, or use them for spelling practice by prompting words. Creative Play: Beyond literacy, the trays can be used with colorful sands or play dough, turning them into a delightful sensory play activity that also reinforces alphabet knowledge. Safe and Sustainable Materials: All our trays are made from high-quality Rubberwood and are finished with natural, child-safe oils, ensuring a safe play environment. Ideal for Early Education: Whether in a home, daycare, or classroom setting, these trays are perfect for helping toddlers develop foundational literacy skills through play.With these Wooden Writing and Spelling Trays, learning the alphabet, practicing writing, and spelling becomes an enjoyable and enriching experience for your child. Discover the joy of learning with Qtoys!
[title]Wooden Toy Carrot Size Sorter [title]Wooden Toy Carrot Size Sorter
Wooden Toy Carrot Size Sorter $23.00
Discover the joys of learning with our Wooden Carrot Sorting Game! Perfect for young minds, this set includes 7 differently sized wooden carrots to match and sort into a 4.9'' x 4.9'' wooden base. Crafted from safe, natural pine wood and coated with non-toxic water-based paint, it's designed with smooth surfaces and rounded edges for safe play. Ideal for enhancing spatial recognition, visual coordination, and dexterity, this toy is a delightful addition to your child's playtime and speech therapy sessions. Dimensions: 5.1*5.1*3.1 inches. Engage, learn, and grow with our fun sorting game! ●SIZE MATCHING: Comes with 7 wooden carrots in various sizes to match with the slots in a (4.9’’x 4.9’’) wooden base. ●SORTING GAME: A wooden toy that is designed to encourage kids to explore and have fun independently. ●SPATIAL RECOGNITION: Young explorers need to recognize the different sizes of carrots, sort them out, and then place them back into the proper slots. ●MADE SAFE: Made from natural pine wood materials, stained with non-toxic water-based paint, smooth surface, and round edges. ●IDEAL TOY: This wooden toy helps develop visual coordination, shape recognition, and improves dexterity. Package Dimensions:5.1*5.1*3.1inch