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Product #55002 WELCOME! Bjorem Speech Sound Cues Lateralization incorporates “new sounds” to help children eliminate the old sound and old speech pattern. Checkout the deck in action Watch this video to learn more  The idea behind these "new sound" cues is to STOP shaping the "old" sound that the child is lateralizing and to start from scratch with a "new" sound.  When a child thinks we're working on /s/ they often go back to lateralizing (or /sh/ & /ch/ if those are the phonemes they're lateralizing), even if they're accurate at the isolation level.... so, Amy Graham has created NEW SOUNDS for /s/, /z/,  /ʃ /, / tʃ /, and /dʒ/ . The Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues Lateralization Deck is a pioneering tool designed to assist children and adults who struggle with lateral lisps and other lateralization speech patterns. Developed with insights from seasoned speech-language pathologists, this deck employs innovative cognitive reframing techniques to transform how users produce and perceive speech sounds, promoting clearer and more effective communication. Key Features: - Targeted Speech Intervention: Tailored specifically for individuals who exhibit lateralized speech patterns, impacting the clarity of sibilant sounds such as /s/ and /z/. - Cognitive Reframing Approach: Utilizes cognitive reframing to help users mentally adjust their understanding and execution of sound production, facilitating the correction of lateralized speech. - Comprehensive Toolset: Includes a diverse range of cue cards focused on commonly lateralized sounds, such as /s/, /z/, /ʃ/, /tʃ/, and /dʒ/. Each card is equipped with visual and verbal cues. - Engaging and Educational Visuals:Features vivid and engaging illustrations that not only capture the user’s interest but also visually reinforce correct speech production techniques. - Evidence-Based Design: Crafted in collaboration with Amy Graham of Graham Speech Therapy, ensuring that the deck is grounded in the latest research and best practices in speech therapy. -Versatile Usage: Ideal for clinical settings, educational environments, and home use, empowering speech therapists, educators, and family members to effectively support individuals with lateralization issues. Great for kids 3-12 years with articulation disorder