Pick-A-Sound Cue Vinyl Mini Sticker Pack Pick-A-Sound Cue Vinyl Mini Sticker Pack
Pick-A-Sound Cue Vinyl Mini Sticker Pack $8.00
Each Individual Sound Cue Sticker Pack includes 34 stickers.  The Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues and Bjorem Better Letters™ have united to introduce an innovative tool for speech and language therapy: Mini Vinyl Sticker Packs. This creative fusion offers 34 individual stickers, each approximately 1'x1", designed to engage and assist in learning sounds for children. These stickers are perfect for therapists, educators, and parents looking for a versatile, fun, and effective way to support speech and language development. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Mini Vinyl Sticker Pack by Bjorem Speech® is a compact, engaging, and versatile tool designed to enhance speech and language therapy sessions. Containing 34 individual stickers featuring the iconic visuals from Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues and Bjorem Better Letters™, these stickers are perfect for on-the-go learning, classroom activities, and home practice. Sized at approximately 1'x1", each sticker is crafted from durable vinyl, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of active learning environments. Ideal for speech therapists, educators, and parents, these stickers support the development of phonological awareness, early literacy, and emerging reading skills, making speech therapy sessions both effective and enjoyable.