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[title]Teaching Idioms in Context Teaching Idioms in Context
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Teaching Idioms in Context Product #60073 Elevate language learning and comprehension skills with the Bjorem Speech® "Teaching Idioms in Context" Deck. This innovative tool is designed to enhance the understanding of idiomatic expressions, which are pivotal for both academic and social success. Given their frequent use in spoken and written language, mastering idioms is crucial for effective communication and literacy. Key Features: The deck features 24 widely used idiomatic expressions such as "In a pickle," "Skating on thin ice," and "Throw in the towel." Each card is illustrated to depict both the literal and figurative meanings of the idiom, making it easier for children to grasp the concept and application of these phrases. Each card includes a short story that contextualizes the idiom, accompanied by vivid illustrations that clarify its usage and meaning. This storytelling approach helps embed the idiomatic expressions in memory by linking them to relatable scenarios. Comprehension Checks: To ensure effective learning, each card comes with comprehension questions that assess understanding and encourage critical thinking about the idioms' meanings and uses. Create-Your-Own Card: This unique feature allows educators and learners to add idiomatic expressions that are specific to their cultural or local contexts, enhancing the deck’s relevance and application. Assessment Tools: The deck includes methods to evaluate progress through pretests and posttests, as well as ongoing knowledge checks that help measure retention and understanding of the idioms over time. Versatile Use: Perfect for use in individual sessions, group activities, or classroom settings, this deck is a valuable resource for speech-language pathologists, teachers, and parents aiming to develop children’s language skills.   The Bjorem Speech® "Teaching Idioms in Context" Deck is an indispensable addition to any educational toolkit, fostering deeper understanding and fluent use of idiomatic language. This deck not only teaches idioms but also builds the foundation for advanced language and literacy skills. For more information or to purchase this essential resource, visit Bjorem Speech® Teaching Idioms in Context. Box Size: 5.12”x5.12” Additional Resources Teaching Idioms in Context with Dr. Stefanie Martelle YouTube Video Teaching Idioms in Context Supplemental Information