Language Graphic Organizers for Speech & Language Therapy - Inspired by the Story Cue Deck - Digital Download Language Graphic Organizers for Speech & Language Therapy - Inspired by the Story Cue Deck - Digital Download
Language Graphic Organizers for Speech & Language Therapy - Inspired by the Story Cue Deck - Digital Download $10.00
THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY PRODUCT IN THE MAIL. THE DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU AND IS AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Product 20029 Support your student's language skills across the continuum with these visuals and graphic organizers! These visuals and graphic organizers feature visuals from the Story Cue Card Deck. While this resource can be used independently of the Story Cue Card Deck, it is designed to support and extend the use of your Story Cue Card Deck. The following (13) visuals/graphic organizers are included in this resource: Describe It Beginning, Middle, End Sequencing Story Grammar Parts of a Sentence KWL Comprehension Chart Vocabulary Graphic Organizer Text Structures Problem-Solution Cause-Effect Chronology/Sequence Compare & Contrast Description Detailed Suggestions for Use and Prep Ideas pages are included to help you get more mileage out of this resource! *Each visual/graphic organizer comes with a version with and without a label on the top/side of the page ___ Want access to this download AND our growing library of digital downloads AND monthly subscriber exclusives? Save today and secure your annual subscription membership for just $65! Click here to check it out!
Prefixes, Suffixes and Bases [title]Prefixes, Suffixes and Bases
Prefixes, Suffixes and Bases $34.99
Bjorem Speech® Prefixes, Suffixes, and Bases Deck (Product #60093) Explore the building blocks of the English language with the Bjorem Speech® Prefixes, Suffixes, and Bases Deck, expertly designed by Leanne Dall, MHSc., CCC-SLP and Lauren Kline, M.S., CCC-SLP, A/OGA for speech-language pathologists, educators, and reading interventionists. This educational tool is essential for teaching and reinforcing the understanding of morphological structures, crucial for developing literacy and language comprehension in children. Key Features: Comprehensive Content: The deck includes 32 prefixes, 27 suffixes, and 36 base words, along with connectives and an extensive collection of morphological rules, origins, and definitions. Educational Design: Each card is meticulously crafted with spacing on the front to facilitate easy manipulation and arrangement, allowing students to physically build and understand multisyllabic words. Informative and Supportive: The back of each card features definitions, color-coded categories to aid memory and understanding, and detailed explanations of word origins and applicable spelling rules. Benefits: Enhances Vocabulary Skills: By breaking down words into their constituent morphemes, children can expand their vocabulary through an understanding of how words are formed and related. Boosts Reading Comprehension: Knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and base words directly contributes to improved reading comprehension, as students learn to decode and understand new words. Supports Morphological Awareness: This deck aids in the development of morphological use and awareness, essential skills for academic success and effective communication. Ideal for: Speech-Language Pathologist, elementary and middle School teacher, reading specialists and interventionists, home schooling parents working to support your student to use morphemes to understand morphemes and generate words to read and spell. Great for school, clinic, and home practice! The Bjorem Speech® Prefixes, Suffixes, and Bases Deck is not just a teaching aid but a transformative educational experience that makes learning about morphemes engaging and accessible. It's designed to introduce morphological structures, extend vocabulary, enhance parts of speech understanding, and deepen comprehension of language mechanics. Dive into the foundational aspects of language with this deck and watch as your students or children advance their language abilities. To discover more about how this tool can transform your educational approach, visit Equip your educational arsenal with a deck that brings clarity and joy to learning about language structure.
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[title]Teaching Idioms in Context Teaching Idioms in Context
Teaching Idioms in Context $52.00 $65.00
Teaching Idioms in Context Product #60073 Elevate language learning and comprehension skills with the Bjorem Speech® "Teaching Idioms in Context" Deck. This innovative tool is designed to enhance the understanding of idiomatic expressions, which are pivotal for both academic and social success. Given their frequent use in spoken and written language, mastering idioms is crucial for effective communication and literacy. Key Features: The deck features 24 widely used idiomatic expressions such as "In a pickle," "Skating on thin ice," and "Throw in the towel." Each card is illustrated to depict both the literal and figurative meanings of the idiom, making it easier for children to grasp the concept and application of these phrases. Each card includes a short story that contextualizes the idiom, accompanied by vivid illustrations that clarify its usage and meaning. This storytelling approach helps embed the idiomatic expressions in memory by linking them to relatable scenarios. Comprehension Checks: To ensure effective learning, each card comes with comprehension questions that assess understanding and encourage critical thinking about the idioms' meanings and uses. Create-Your-Own Card: This unique feature allows educators and learners to add idiomatic expressions that are specific to their cultural or local contexts, enhancing the deck’s relevance and application. Assessment Tools: The deck includes methods to evaluate progress through pretests and posttests, as well as ongoing knowledge checks that help measure retention and understanding of the idioms over time. Versatile Use: Perfect for use in individual sessions, group activities, or classroom settings, this deck is a valuable resource for speech-language pathologists, teachers, and parents aiming to develop children’s language skills.   The Bjorem Speech® "Teaching Idioms in Context" Deck is an indispensable addition to any educational toolkit, fostering deeper understanding and fluent use of idiomatic language. This deck not only teaches idioms but also builds the foundation for advanced language and literacy skills. For more information or to purchase this essential resource, visit Bjorem Speech® Teaching Idioms in Context. Box Size: 5.12”x5.12” Additional Resources Teaching Idioms in Context with Dr. Stefanie Martelle YouTube Video Teaching Idioms in Context Supplemental Information
Time Timer® TWIST Time Timer® TWIST
Time Timer® TWIST $21.95
Timer Product Description The 90-minute TWIST® is an easy-to-use and fun time management tool great for kids and adults. To use, simply turn the outer ring until you get to your desired time, then push the play button. A digital display shows at a glance how much time remains. A magnetic back makes the TWIST® a snap to display. Easily attaches to metallic surfaces for ease of use and versatile placement options.   At home use the TWIST® for everything from keeping kids’ morning and bedtime routines on task to timing homework, study sessions, or baking the perfect batch of cookies. In the classroom, it’s great for everything from timing tests and turn-taking exercises to timing group activities to helping kids with special needs stay on task. In the office, use it to keep track of presentations, team-building activities, and more.  The 3.5” x 1” circular digital timer is a time management tool from Time Timer®, maker of the most clear and accurate visual timers around. A tested and trusted brand, it’s the preferred time management resource for teachers and other professionals. Don’t settle for lower quality imitations. Up to 90-Minute Visual Timer - This small digital visual timer allows you to set the duration anywhere between 1 to 90 minutes. Once set, the entire disk will represent the duration you choose! Magnetic Back - A magnetic back makes the TWIST® a snap to display. Easily attach it to metallic surfaces from refrigerators and file cabinets to the whiteboard in your classroom, kitchen, or home. Fun Twist Function - To use, simply turn the outer ring until you get to your desired time, then push the play button. Continuous Alert - Unlike our other Time Timer visual timers, the Time Timer TWIST® has a continuous alert at the end of the duration to ensure you don't miss it. The alert can be stopped by pressing the Play/Pause button, or will stop after 1 minute of beeping. Pause During Countdown - Need to take a break half way through your timed event? Pause your timer during the countdown by pressing the play/pause button. Countdown will continue where you left off by pressing the play/pause button again.   
[title]Visual Recipe Cards [title]Visual Recipe Cards
Visual Recipe Cards $29.99
Product Name: Visual Recipe Cards Product #52999 Introducing the Visual Recipe Cards, designed by Kristine Deworocki. These cards are a delightful and educational tool designed to transform cooking into an engaging learning experience for children. These kid-friendly cards are meticulously crafted with vivid pictures that depict all ingredients, tools, and actions required for each step of a recipe. Ideal for speech-language pathologists, educators, parents, and anyone passionate about cooking, these cards are more than just a recipe guide—they are a gateway to a myriad of developmental benefits. Key Features: Visual Supports: Each card features detailed illustrations that represent every aspect of the cooking process, from ingredients to kitchen tools to step-by-step actions. These visuals help enhance understanding and retention, especially beneficial for young learners and those with language processing challenges. Educational Benefits: By engaging with these cards, children can improve their language skills, follow instructions, and understand sequencing—all essential cognitive skills. The hands-on nature of cooking combined with visual aids makes learning natural and fun. Fosters Independence and Confidence: Cooking is a practical life skill that boosts self-esteem and independence. These cards encourage children to take initiative, make choices, and see tangible results of their efforts, fostering a sense of achievement and self-confidence. Versatile Use: Perfect for use in classrooms, therapy clinics, or at home, Visual Recipe Cards are a versatile tool that can be integrated into daily routines or special learning sessions. They are an excellent resource for group activities, fostering teamwork and social skills. Supports Communication Skills: For SLPs, these cards are a valuable resource to incorporate into therapy sessions, as they offer a dynamic way to enhance communication skills through a fun and relatable activity. Creates Meaningful Connections: Cooking with Visual Recipe Cards is an opportunity for children to connect with others, share experiences, and express themselves creatively. It's a platform for storytelling, sharing cultural heritages, and building lasting memories. Benefits: Promotes Creativity and Problem Solving: As children decide how to customize recipes and solve the inevitable little hiccups that occur while cooking, they develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Enhances Teamwork: Cooking together teaches cooperation, as children learn to share tasks and work together towards a common goal. Builds Language and Math Skills: Following recipes enhances vocabulary and exposes children to practical math concepts like measuring and sequencing. The Visual Recipe Cards are not just about teaching children how to cook; they are about inspiring young chefs to explore, create, and learn in a joyful, supportive environment. Whether in a classroom setting, a therapy session, or the family kitchen, these cards are a valuable tool for anyone committed to nurturing well-rounded development through the culinary arts. Box: 5.50" x 7.25" x 1.25" Cards: 5" x 7" Cards are a thick laminate texture making them easy to wipe off