Jennie Bjorem on Private Practice Success Stories: Episode 210

Jennie Bjorem on Private Practice Success Stories: Episode 210

Are you ready to begin your entrepreneurial journey? Check out Jena's podcast, Private Practice Success Stories. If you want to know more specifically about Jennie Bjorem's entrepreneurial journey, check out episode 210

In this episode of Private Practice Success Stories, where Jennie goes into detail on her career story - where's she's been and how she ended up where she is today. Jennie discusses starting and growing her private practice, hiring and firing, starting programs and closing them, going from one location to two, and so much more. Oh and somewhere in the mix she was doing this all while starting Bjorem Speech Publications! Can you believe that she never used to think of herself as an entrepreneur? Now, after owning multiple businesses across the span of her career thus far, Jennie fully embraces the title of entrepreneur. However, it has not been a smooth sailing easy road. She emphasizes the importance of failure, being told "no," and learning from mistakes made along the way. 

Key topics from the episode:
  • How she got started as a private practice owner
  • The payments she accepted when she got started
  • The importance of a growth mindset as a business owner
  • When she specialized in apraxia of speech and how it impacted her business
  • The process of expanding to multiple locations
  • How she started her publishing company
  • The importance of relationship building and communities
  • Leveraging other people’s expertise

(If listening to this episode inspired you to start – or grow – your private practice the right way, please visit to learn more about Jena and the Start and Grow Your Private Practice Programs.)

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