Bjorem Speech Gift to Grad Product Guide

Bjorem Speech Gift to Grad Product Guide

Having a student is truly a privilege for more experienced SLPs. You spend a lot of time helping to teach, coach, and guide them with how to assess and treat different populations. During that time, you have shown them different therapy approaches and even better some of your favorite therapy materials. Their time with you is quickly winding down. As the speech therapist, you have seen firsthand how your graduate student has grown and developed over the course of the semester. It is only natural to want to buy a gift to express how proud of them you are. 

We have created this guide for new grads that supervisors can use to gift their favorite SLP student! 

1. Speech Sound Cues

We are going to kick it off with our OG product. . . the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues! The Bjorem Speech Sound Cues use highly engaging art to help cue children while attempting to produce the target sound. These were created based on environmental sounds that a child might hear in connection with each sound. For example, the “yummy sound” is for /m/ as a young child might hear “mmmmm” when eating something delicious. This deck can be used in addressing childhood apraxia of speech, reading difficulties, language-based disorders, and so much more. 

Bigger is better, right? The BIG BOX of Bjorem Speech Sound Cues takes the same cards that you love and makes them bigger! The increased size makes it perfect for group therapy. 

2. Minimal Pairs 

The Minimal Pairs Decks are great for those working with mild to severe phonological disorders. These decks are based on the minimal pairs approach for addressing phonological impairments. Each deck has visuals to help explain the process it is targeting with kids before directly jumping into target practice. The highly engaging illustrations make working on these areas motivating for children. 

3. Cycles

The Cycles approach (Hodson & Paden, 1991) is a well-established phonological intervention for highly unintelligible children with moderate to severe phonological deficits. Targets in each deck were strategically selected based on phonetically facilitated context. The main objective are these decks is to facilitate cueing of accurate sound production by using engaging artwork to promote a high number of trials.

4. Box of Bundle

The Box of Sound Decks allows you to have many uses for one product! Each box is specific to a phoneme or a set of phonemes (speech sounds). The decks were created to provide clinicians with relevant, functional, diverse targets that provide a broad range of phonetic contexts for establishing correct sound production across all word positions. The targets and artwork offer motivating, inclusive, and practical targets for speech sound production intervention.

These decks can be used for articulation, phonemic awareness, language by describing the pictures or identification based on a description provided, plurals, possessive -s, story retelling, and more. The possibilities are endless. 

5. Gift Card

Not sure what product your student may want or need? A gift card is always an option! Our gift cards feature our beautiful illustrations and the option for you to add a sweet message for your student. This allows them the flexibility to select whatever product they would like. 

Do you know what setting or population your student will be working with to start their career? Check out our previous blog post that breaks down how to shop by population.
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