Minimal Pairs: S Cluster Reduction

$58.00 CAD

Minimal Pairs: S Cluster Reduction

$58.00 CAD
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Minimal Pairs: S Cluster Reduction

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Introducing the Bjorem S Cluster Reduction Minimal Pair Cards —an essential tool for speech therapists targeting 's' cluster reduction in speech therapy sessions. These cards are specifically designed to aid in the differentiation and correction of common articulation errors involving 's' clusters. Great for children 3 years of age and over! 

Key Features:

  • Targeted Sounds: This set focuses on the critical 's' cluster pairs, including 'sk' vs. 'k', 'sl' vs. 'l', 'sm' vs. 'm', 'sn' vs. 'n', 'sp' vs. 'p', 'st' vs. 't', and 'sw' vs. 'w'. By isolating these sounds, the cards provide a focused approach to speech sound therapy.

  • Comprehensive Set: The deck includes a total of 72 cards, with 66 dedicated minimal pair cards. These pairs are designed to help children hear and produce differences between the error sound and the target sound effectively.

  • Cue Cards: In addition to minimal pairs, the set includes three different types of cue cards, enhancing the learning experience and providing multiple ways to engage with the material.

  • Design and Utility: Each card measures 2.56" x 2.56" and features a thick, soft matte texture. This non-glare finish is ideal for children with vision impairments, ensuring that all learners can engage with the cards comfortably and without distraction.

The Bjorem S Cluster Reduction Minimal Pair Cards are not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for addressing one of the more challenging aspects of speech therapy. They are perfect for clinicians seeking effective, research-based materials to support their therapy goals, particularly in early childhood and elementary settings. Equip your practice with these cards and see the difference in clarity and confidence in your clients' speech!


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