Box of Bundle P B M T D N K G F V

$271.00 CAD

Box of Bundle P B M T D N K G F V

$271.00 CAD
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Box of Bundle

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Introducing the Bjorem Box of Bundle®—a masterful collection designed to amplify your therapy sessions with a diverse, functional approach to speech, literacy, and language development. Enjoy a special 5% discount when you purchase this collection of 10 Boxes of Sound Decks, each deck filled with 40 cards showcasing over 40 target sounds in initial, medial, and final positions.

Designed for speech therapists, educators, and parents, this bundle is perfect for creating engaging storytelling sessions, categorizing images, and reinforcing high repetition learning. The decks include nouns and verbs that encourage the development of complex language skills and are particularly effective for targeting specific apraxia challenges.

The Bjorem Box of Bundle® is not just a purchase—it's an investment in versatile, research-based materials that represent a wide array of sounds and language functions. Each card is crafted with a soft matte texture to ensure comfort and usability for all children, including those with vision impairments who may experience glare from glossy surfaces.

As you explore the many applications of these decks—from sorting by medial vowels to generating action ing words—you'll find that the possibilities for use are as limitless as your creativity. Follow @bjoremspeech on Instagram for even more innovative ideas on how to utilize this exceptional tool in your educational or therapeutic setting.

Elevate your practice today with the Bjorem Box of Bundle®, and watch as every session becomes a journey of discovery and growth for you and your clients. Great for kids 3 and up!

Ideal for:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists & SLPAs: Provides a specialized tool to address specific phonological challenges effectively.

  • Educators: Perfect for integrating phoneme awareness into classroom activities and literacy programs.

  • Parents and Caregivers: Offers a valuable resource for reinforcing therapy goals and supporting language development at home.


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