Following Directions [title]Following Directions
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Bjorem Speech Following Directions Deck Product #60082 Description: Elevate your teaching toolkit with the "Following Directions Deck" – an essential educational resource designed to enhance the ability of children to understand and follow directions. This comprehensive deck contains a curated set of cards that are not only educational but also engaging and fun, making it perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists aiming to develop attentive listening, comprehension, and execution skills in young learners. Key Features: Diverse Card Set: With 87 total cards, this deck includes a variety of cues such as ordinal numbers (1-4), basic direction visual cues, silly direction visual cues, functional school-related directions, and add-on visual cues (including condition cues like before, after, and, or). Educational Benefits: Helps in enhancing children's ability to follow directions, improves listening skills, and boosts comprehension. This is critical for academic success and everyday interactions. Versatile Use: Ideal for individual, group, or classroom settings, making it a versatile tool for different educational contexts. It's perfect for speech therapists, educators, and parents working on developmental milestones. Inclusive Design: The cards feature a thick, soft matte texture to prevent glare, making them accessible for children with vision impairments. This thoughtful design ensures that all children can participate and benefit. Evidence-Based Approach: Created with input from experienced educational professionals, the deck is based on proven strategies to aid in the development of following directions, sequencing, and cognitive processing skills. Ordinal number cues 1-4 (first, second, third, fourth) 26 basic direction visual cues 20 silly direction visual cues 20 functional school related directions 17 add-on visual cues (13 condition cues + before, after, and, or) Great for individual, group, or classroom work!