Let's Get Organized! 4 Ways to Organize Your Bjorem Speech Cards

Let's Get Organized! 4 Ways to Organize Your Bjorem Speech Cards

We all know that our work comes with a delightful jumble of speech therapy materials, and if you're anything like us, you probably consider organization a love language at this point.

I can already see it: you're gearing up for a therapy session or packing your on-the-go speech therapy bag, and you're faced with a mountain of Bjorem Speech products. Boxes upon boxes of amazing tools and materials that promise progress and success but can also make you feel like you're drowning in a sea of cards, books, and minis.

We get this question a lot: "How do you organize all the Bjorem Speech products?"

You asked, we listened - we're diving headfirst into the wonderful world of organization! Whether you're prepping your space or navigating the therapy session itself, a little organization can go a long way and save some precious time. It's also not lost on us that the attention span of our clients is quite short and they can get quickly disinterested while you're combing through your therapy materials trying to find what you need. 

So, let's explore some helpful methods to help you keep your Bjorem Speech products (and sanity) in check:

1. Binder Organization Method: If you're all about structure and order, this method is your BFF. Wrangle those cards and materials into organized binders using baseball card holders from Amazon, making them easy to find when you need them most. 

2. Shelf Organization Method: Are you the type who likes to see all your resources at a glance? Say hello to the shelf organization method, where your materials are displayed proudly, ready for action.

3. Cart Organization Method: Short on space? No problem! The cart organization method is perfect for you. It's like a mobile command center that can navigate the tightest of spaces.

4. Pocket Organization Method: With the pocket organization method, not only do you keep your cards within arm's reach, but you also turn them into chic décor pieces for your therapy space.

So, fellow SLPs, embrace your inner Marie Kondo and spark some joy in your therapy space! It's the secret sauce that ensures your therapy sessions run smoothly and efficiently.

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Angi Dods @ Mon, Nov 06, 23

Because I travel between schools , I carry mine in divided plastic containers. I can see everything and I love that the cards have the phoneme represented in the upper left corner♥️

Elizabeth @ Sun, Sep 10, 23

I’m curious how everyone organizes their big cards. I love the binder method but am stuck with these!