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Bjorem Speech


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Bjorem Speech® Prepositional Concepts Deck

Product #53500

Introduce the fundamentals of spatial awareness and descriptive language with the Bjorem Speech® Prepositional Concepts Deck. Designed for speech-language pathologists, educators, and parents, this deck is a delightful and educational tool that aids in teaching the concept of a noun's location relative to other objects using prepositions.

Key Features:

  • Rich Educational Content: The deck includes 26 preposition cards and 6 engaging scene cards, each featuring fun and clear illustrations that demonstrate various spatial relationships.

  • Practical Design: Cards measure 2.56" x 2.56" and are housed in a compact box of 2.95" x 2.95" x 1.69", perfect for easy storage and portability.

  • Child-Friendly Materials: Each card is made with a thick, soft matte texture, ensuring durability and reducing glare to accommodate children with vision impairments.


  • Enhances Language Development: By focusing on prepositional phrases and spatial concepts, children can improve their descriptive language skills, crucial for both everyday interactions and academic success.

  • Supports Diverse Educational Goals: Whether used in a classroom, therapy setting, or home, these cards are versatile tools for addressing various learning objectives, including understanding of opposites and similarities.

  • Interactive Learning Experience: The inclusion of scene cards allows for dynamic teaching opportunities where children can actively engage with the material, enhancing retention and making learning fun.

Ideal for:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists

  • Early Childhood Educators

  • Parents seeking to enhance language development at home

The Bjorem Speech® Prepositional Concepts Deck is an excellent resource for anyone looking to support the development of foundational language skills through interactive and engaging means. Its focus on prepositions not only aids in language comprehension but also fosters an intuitive understanding of spatial relationships, making it a valuable addition to educational tools.

Discover more about enhancing educational practices with Bjorem Speech® by visiting Dive into a world of interactive learning where language development and fun go hand in hand.

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