Final Consonant Deletion

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Final Consonant Deletion

$56.00 AUD
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Introduce the Bjorem Speech® Final Consonant Deletion Deck, designed to address and correct the common phonological error of final consonant deletion in speech. This deck is an essential resource for speech-language pathologists and parents aiming to enhance phonemic awareness and articulation in children.

Key Features:

  • Visual Discrimination Support: The deck includes 36 cards featuring 25 minimal pair sets, each thoughtfully illustrated to help children distinguish between words that differ only in their final consonants—a crucial aspect of phonological processing.

  • Engaging and Educational Illustrations: Each card is adorned with fun, child-friendly artwork that not only captures the attention but also supports the learning process by visually representing the differences in word meanings when final sounds are omitted.

  • User-Friendly Design: Cards are sized at 2.56" x 2.56", perfect for small hands to handle. They are crafted with a thick, soft matte texture to ensure durability and reduce glare, making them suitable for children with vision impairments.

  • Comprehensive Word List: The deck covers a wide range of words, from simple ones like "bow" and "boat" to more complex words such as "beach" and "beak". This variety ensures comprehensive practice across different sound groups and difficulty levels.

  • Versatile Educational Tool: Ideal for both clinical and home settings, these cards are designed for easy use by SLPs and parents alike. They can be used to enhance phonological processing, improve articulation, and develop phonemic awareness through sound manipulation exercises.


  • Enhanced Speech Clarity: By focusing on the pronunciation of final consonants, this deck helps clarify speech, ensuring that children are understood more clearly in everyday communication.

  • Boosted Confidence: As children master the sounds that were once omitted, their confidence in speaking and participating in verbal activities increases.

  • Foundational Language Skills: This deck not only addresses specific phonological errors but also supports broader language development, including vocabulary building and early literacy. 

  • Engagement and Fun: Learning with this deck is made enjoyable through vivid illustrations and a hands-on approach, which keeps children engaged and eager to practice.

The Bjorem Speech® Final Consonant Deletion Deck is more than just a set of flashcards; it's a comprehensive tool that brings clarity and precision to the speech of young learners. It's an invaluable addition to any speech therapy toolkit, providing a solid foundation for lifelong communication skills.

    Card: 2.56" x 2.56"

    Cues are a thick soft matte texture, they are not shiny or laminated so children with vision impairments do not get the glare.

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