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Bjorem Speech® Homophones Card Set

Product #55012

Unlock the complexities of the English language with the Bjorem Speech® Homophones Card Set by Leanne Dall, an essential tool for enhancing vocabulary, spelling knowledge, and reading abilities. Homophones—words that sound alike but differ in meaning and spelling—pose unique challenges, particularly for students with language difficulties. This set provides a practical and engaging way to tackle these challenges head-on. This deck is ideal for students working on increasing knowledge of homophones and building linguistic flexibility. 

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: The set includes 130 cards, a neatly designed box measuring 3"x3"x4.5" with cards sized at 2.56" x 2.56", perfect for handling by young learners.

  • Material Quality: Each card boasts a thick, soft matte texture, ensuring durability and eliminating glare, which is particularly beneficial for children with vision impairments.

  • Educational Value: By focusing on homophones like "meat" vs. "meet", children learn not only spelling variations but also the contextual usage of words, crucial for both oral and written comprehension.


  • Enhances Linguistic Skills: Engages students in learning the nuanced differences in English spelling and usage, fostering better reading and writing capabilities.

  • Supports Diverse Learning Needs: Ideal for all learners, including those facing challenges with ambiguous words, enhancing both academic and communication skills.

  • Inclusive Learning Tool: With its non-glare cards, the set is accessible to students with specific visual needs, promoting an inclusive educational environment.

Ideal for:

  • Speech Language Pathologists, Teachers, Tutors, and Home Schooling Parents working to support long vowel spellings in the classroom, clinic, or at home. 

Embrace the fun and educational journey of mastering homophones with the Bjorem Speech® Homophones Card Set, where learning meets practicality and inclusivity. Explore more innovative speech therapy materials at www.bjoremspeech.com.

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