Bjorem Better Letters™ with The Laurie Berkner Band Card Deck PreSale -Ships June 15th

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Bjorem Better Letters™ with The Laurie Berkner Band Card Deck PreSale -Ships June 15th

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Product Pre-Order NOW - Songs released May 3rd, 2024!

2 Products in 1 - Make the BEST multisensory learning sound and letters experience for children!

The goal of Bjorem Better Letters™ Card Deck is to help kids learn their letters and all the different sounds those letters can make. Letter sounds are brought to life with kid-friendly Better Letters and example word images.

English can be tricky: Bjorem Better Letters ™ teaches letters and sounds together to help teach early reading skills. Speech-language pathologists all over the world have been using the images in the Bjorem Speech ® Sound Cues to teach sounds to kids with HUGE success. We are excited to offer Bjorem Better Letters ™ to help teachers and parents teach letters and their sounds. 

    "My two year old asked for more! He imitated hand motions and sounds. I am excited for him to learn his sounds and letters while having fun" - Bri, mom of 2 year-old


    Bjorem Better Letters™ with The Laurie Berkner Band 
    • Inspired by the original Bjorem Speech® Sound Cues, Bjorem Better Letters™ contains six decks organized into one box, each seamlessly integrating with Laurie Berkner’s "Better Letters" songs for a harmonious blend of music and learning.
    • Designed to enhance phonemic awareness and letter recognition, children are encouraged match Bjorem Better Letters™ cards with corresponding example words and pictures. Pair with songs to foster a rich educational experience.
    • With 88 total cards featuring illustrations used in Laurie Berkner’s songs, this kit offers an engaging and memorable learning companion for young learners.
    • Each deck is color-coded to correspond with specific "Better Letters" songs by Laurie Berkner, combining visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles to enhance the educational experience.


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