We have been using the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues with our 2-year old for several months and she LOVES them. She is picking up sounds that we have never heard her say before and will even request the sounds when her therapist is working with her. Apraxia can be very frustrating for everyone involved and the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues have opened up a door of hope and self-confidence. We recommend this cueing set to any family working on sound development, they just make sense and are fun too. 

R.N., Parent of 2-year old with Apraxia

Parent tested, child approved. Our daughter loves using the speech sound cues! We use them in our therapy sessions to help her with sounds she substitutes and we are beginning to work on identifying the beginning sounds in words. 

T.S, Parent of 5-year old 

We have been using the speech sound cues since Jennie had them on sticks.  Our now 5 year old was able to pick up the sounds at a young age with this easy to relate to system. Jennie always has a creative twist around every corner of therapy when using the cues which makes them fun and engaging. We hope that our experience with the speech sound cues inspire others to give them a try.

B.B., Parent of 5-year old 

Jennie is great! She has not only been a wonderful therapist to your child but an incredible parent resource for our family. We use the speech sound cues at home with our son. They have made the difference between not having the confidence to speak to speaking with confidence because he can do the sounds. When he is having a difficult time we use the cues as reminders and he responds so positively. Speech has exploded and we couldn't be more happy. Try the sound cues with your child, they work! Oh and Jennie said to hold on to them for when we are ready to begin pre-literacy activities!

K.L., Father of 2-year old with speech delay

I am OBSESSED with the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues! Besides being ADORABLE, they are so intuitive! I don't have to spend time "teaching" the cue because they make sense! They are super convenient and easy to use in any activity. 

Sarah, SLP Toolkit

I just wanted to send a quick email to say that I recently purchased the Bjorem Speech Sound Cue cards and they have already become a staple in my early intervention treatment sessions! I also wanted to mention that  the video clip of Jen B demonstrating the hand cues was awesome for a visual learner like myself:) Thanks for a great product! I’m going to be recommending them to my SLP friends:). I am thrilled that you felt passionate about what you came up with so that the rest of us can benefit ……

Rebecca Bozue

Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

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