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The Bjorem Speech Sound Cues are easily incorporated into reading programs, classroom settings, home school settings, play-based therapy or drill work and compliments any program when working with children on:

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Early Acquisition of Speech

Speech Sound Disorders

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

Early Literacy & Emerging Reading

Vowel Differences



Bjorem Speech Sound Cues are evidence-based picture cues designed to help young children acquire, use and combine sounds by giving each sound a meaning that that makes sense and that is developmentally appropriate. Multi-sensory experiences are an important part of children acquiring new skills and visuals are just one of those! Children love the colorful child-friendly characters depicted in the cue set.


With 22 consonant picture cues and 12 vowel cues in the set, children quickly pick-up on the visual cues because they can relate to the picture, many of which are environmental sounds. 

Speech-Language Pathologist


Early Intervention Specialist

Childhood Apraxia Specialist

Music Therapist

Kindergarten Teacher

Preschool Teacher

Parent of Preschooler or Kindergartner

Parents with children in speech therapy

Parent of a child with dyslexia

Parent of a child with childhood apraxia 

Special Instructor

Resource Teacher

Reading Specialist

Dyslexia Interventionist

you will            the cues!

Children quickly begin to pick-up on the sound-to-picture relationship because the cues make sense to children. You are immediatley able to use the cues within play and therapy to cue target sounds and sound movements, many times without a verbal cue at all! We use the cards to cue for minimal pairs, for a child to understand the current target sound, combining sounds, cueing for deleted or substituted sounds, to teach sound-to-letter correspondence, to work on phonemic awareness and so much more. 

The cue set supplements ANY program when working on sounds and early literacy!

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